How the US Government discovered geographic location of Silk Road servers

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    It's always been a big mystery how the federal government discovered the geographic location of the Silk Road servers. After all, the Silk Road website was a hidden service on the anonymous TOR network. There have been several conspiracy theories. But it turns out that it was a very low-tech mistake overlooked by Silk Road administrators that gave them away.

    It was the CAPTCHA service that leaked Silk Road's true IP address:

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    Nice read!!
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    The feds may have lied about using the CAPTCHA to identify the geographic location of the Silk Road servers!

    Lawyers for Ross Ulbricht (aka “Dread Pirate Roberts”) compelled the government to turn over evidence during discovery that strongly suggest it was impossible for government to obtain IP info via the CAPTCHA.

    Nicholas Weaver, secuity expert at UC-Berkeley, explains to Brian Krebs why the FBI may not be telling the truth...

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