How to avoid getting caught in a controlled delivery?

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    Is refusing to a sign a package and letting the postman take it back enough? Or writing return to sender on the box and leaving it outside? I been reading that they can still search your house? Also, what happens if a family member takes the package?
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    they are now part of the illegal activity

    yes, they can. If you have a controlled delivery taking place at your residence you will also have a search warrant executed on your dwelling. To what extent and what does the warrant cover would be a better question.
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    So it seems the best thing to do is not answer the door at all then lmao.
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    Gents, if your card has been pulled it's been pulled. Answer the door, sign for the pack and take that shit like you own it. The federal judge will tell you that possession is 90% of the game. The other 10% is how much liquid cash you have.

    Believe that.
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    Unless your stealth/order process is/was top notch, you are pretty much busted. They most probably have digital footprints.

    When the mailman comes, sign and accept the package, leave it unopened on your table, wait a few hours and by then you should know if it was controlled delivery or not.

    Regardless, unless you've been ordering huge quantities nobody will give a fuck if it's for your own consumption and not distribution.
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  6. You may still have legal issues but why make things easier by basically confirming that you did indeed order a controlled substances. If they had a warrant and found nothing then I’d think it would be better that you denied ownership. If a family member signed for the package but had no knowledge there was anything illegal then they lack the mens rea. If they can prove your family member knew they were accepting drugs then yea they could be in trouble as well.

    Best advice of course is don’t do anything illegal and always have your attorney if you’re being questioned.
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    Get a p.o. box with a fake I'd let the package sit as long as possible still not foolproof but there nt gna watch a p.o. box for months over a couple grams there is no way to make this 100% safe
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    I have been in this game for over 40 years and I have never heard of a controlled delivery taking place.
    your getting upset about something that's never going to happen.
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    I mail to one of my businesses where I do not work daily.
    I leave it at the business unopened for several days.
    After a few days I take it home and open it.

    By doing this I "feel" safe and that's all that matters lol
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    Unless you ordered a large amount of raws that would lead them to think you're undoubtedly a dealer. Why would you even think they're doing a controlled delivery?
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    Well a standard order is like
    100g test
    100g eq
    100g npp
    50g tren
    25g Anadrol
    25g dbol
    25g mixed ai

    So like a pound of raws, probably considered "wholesale" by the feds
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  12. Brandaddy

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    Lol. My order is like,

    9 grams of test
    2 grams of var
    9 grams of eq

    That'll satisfy me for a good 8 months.
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    you would no doubt be considered a distributer by law enforcement.

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    Heres a brief description of controlled delivery in relation to search warrants. If any one is really interested it cites case law:


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    I had one over 15 years ago. I picked it up from Mail Boxes Etc. Postal Inspector told local police it was 1.5 kilos of cocaine because Quality Vet was sending that shit as well as juice. As soon as I hit the parking spot, two guns to the back of my head and "On the ground no mother fucker."

    They were so dissapointed when it was steroids and even said if they didn't have so much invested in it, they would have not even bothered me.
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  16. LeoTC

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    Don't buy illegal shit and have it mailed to you?

    That's prolly what I'd do if I were really worried about it.
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  17. Eww attitude is not cute
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    I've had experience with an attempted controlled delivery. I'd overnighted a kilo of blow to my receiver in an Eastern state via FedEx. When it did not arrive on time I called FedEx from a payphone (back in the 90's we had these things called payphones kids.) The operator informed me that my package was seized because of narcotics. Nice of her I thought. The feds attempted several times to deliver and the receiver refused to accept or sign. Said that the person didn't live there any longer. We'd used the previous tenants name. There was surveillance on the house for a few weeks off and on but it eventually went away. The same people ended up getting busted in an unrelated incident a few years later but this never came up.
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    If they want u they will get u ..... iv seen people try everything
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    Few years ago I sent all the packages to my work. I would always put a fake name as the receiver! A handful of us controlled all the packages, but I made sure I was always there first to sign everything off for the 20+ employees. Nothing got past me and if feds came it would be good odds on my part. I'd always have every package sit for a few days before opening the box to make sure everything was good. Never had an issue and I recieved roughly 11 packages between me and my buddies. The biggest pack had roughly 8+ vials and goodies. No longer work at that job but I got enough gear for a few years so I don't have to worry about ordering for awhile
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