How to become a morning lifter

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by OldmanRob, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. OldmanRob

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    Hello guys and gals of Meso.

    Any one have any tips on how to become a morning lifter. I mean like a 5 am lifting person.

    I own my own business and it's our busy season and finding time in the day is becoming a bitch to say the least.

    Without going into too much detail I am in construction and I literally have no time in the daytime. Winter months I can get 4 out of 5 days and I hit it on weekends when I have to.

    The sad truth is that I've never been a morning lifter but I am up by 430 almost every day.

    I guess I know the answers I seek but if anyone has any good tips I am all ears.

    Thankyou in advance

  2. Set an alarm, than immediately make yourself hot coffee. You'll be a morning lifter in no time.
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  3. Gbro

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    Get a coffee pot/alarm combo.

    Get your ass up to a waiting cup of hot coffee.
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  4. REM2306

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    I’m the same way man. I have to either wake up at 5am which is the worst. After time you get used to it but for the first few weeks you will be dragging ass. If I start slacking in the mornings I will get a night lift in after 6pm so most of the loser clear out.

    It’s all about drive and finding a way. I would also consider what your gym goals are. For me during cutting season, mornings seem to be way more affective at cutting. Where as bulking is good to hit the gym at night.
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  5. OldmanRob

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    Sounds like a coffee alarm it is, I'm going to give this a go.

    One good thing is I suppose at 5 am I can go in my jeans and a work shirt. I just gotta get out the door right away.
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  6. OldmanRob

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    I am working on cutting so my workouts are more of a rapid pace.
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  7. I couldn't train legs in jeans.
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  8. OldmanRob

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    I am setting out my gym clothes now and putting my work clothes in my gym bag
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  9. REM2306

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    I couldn’t lift in jeans. Plus I wouldn’t want to be “that guy”.
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  10. OldmanRob

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    One cool thing is that I do have a treadmill and an iron dumbbell rack from 3 to 50 lbs in my shop with two Olympic weight sets.

    Maybe it's tome to organize my shop
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  11. OldmanRob

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    I will go in gym clothes, but there are probably 3 people in that place at 5 am
  12. OldmanRob

    OldmanRob Member

    Ok, got my work clothes in my gym bag, a pre workout drink next to it already made and my gym clothes next to it.

    My PWO drink gets me pretty amped up fairly quick so tomorrow I head out the door at 5 am.

    Looking forward to it, if I make it for two weeks I should be golden
  13. Morning? i'm not familiar with such a term.
    When i wake up, the day moon is shining brightly and the clock is nearing it's change from AM to PM.

    Good luck, brother. You'll acclimate. i'm a night lifter, myself. Find that i have way more in me to give than i do during the day.
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  14. Gbro

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    Do it. Pussy.
  15. Logan44551

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    I'm in contstuction too, i find that if I have a late start time 730 or later i can either get cardio in or lifting. I then go in the afternoon after work for which ever i didn't do in the morning. I usually start at 6 though and don't have time in the mornings. But i get off early on those days so it isn't a big deal. I also go every saturday and sunday
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  16. OldmanRob

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  17. OldmanRob

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    My problem is I am kind of obsessed with landing jobs and keeping the crew going.

    I think this morni g thing will be a good challenge. I am trying to lean up some so at least I am not lifting heavy.

    I don't think I could lift heavy in the wee hours of the morning
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  18. jaymaximus

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    I did it for years. 4am wake up, protein shake, brush and pee, go to gym. Shower - eat some breakfast - go through your day. I had to be ar work at 0630 until TBD, so I was up at 4am religiously. Honestly a good workout early will make your whole day better
  19. J DUGIN

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  20. J DUGIN

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    I like early morning workout at times. Definitely makes you feel good for the rest of the day.
    I've found coffee with a piece of toast and honey on the way to the gym provides a little boost. I have a hard time working out on a completely empty stomach.
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