How to break ampules?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by CAswole, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. CAswole

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    So for the first time in my AAS career oh, I have purchased some test e ampules. I have not yet purchased an ampule breaker and I really don't want to to be honest. are you guys out there just cracking them with your fingers without an issue? I watched a couple of YouTube videos doesn't seem that difficult
  2. VaDImadi

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    Get the amp breaker, there like £1 and do the job perfectly

    In the mean time id go around the rim with a sharp knife a few times and then snap them, should make it easier
  3. Sp2.0

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    Syringe barrel works like a champ
  4. FLTestlab

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    Like Sp2.0 said. Use the back end of syringe. Take plunger out and use barrel.
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  5. dokdonia

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    I was pissed when I received amps for a reship but breaking them with just your fingers is incredibly fast and easy. The next question is do you use filter needles so any small glass shards don't get drawn in and injected.
  6. Sp2.0

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    I never have.
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  7. FLTestlab

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    I ised it several times when the bottle cracked bad. But that was only because i paid an arm and leg fpr pharma stuff. What I end up doing was to crack all amps and filter it in a 10ml vial.

    But you dont have to do this if all is good when its snapped
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    Some guys here have given me some good tips on breaking amps. I had no problems with Balkan amps by using a pen cap to pop off the top. My problem was with Belco Gonadon amps, they totally suck! They shatter easily- I found that out the hard way:(. What works for me with them is to score them with a fine tooth steak knife around the neck of the amp, then use pen cap on top and use the foil like paper that an alcohol swab comes in to wrap around the body of the amp. I have not had any problems opening them sence doing this.
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  9. Adrian868

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    When i was 16 some dude sold us sust250 amps and we broke 3amps trying to open it haha, we returned it for a bottle
  10. FLTestlab

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    Amps were the very first thing I used when I used to get them from Thailand. Especially the deca.
  11. Sk8man101

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    Here's how i use amps;

    Step 1: acquire amps
    Step 2: throw amps in the trash
    Step 3: buy vials with stoppers
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  12. Ophydian

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    After I wipe the vials with alcohol swab I use the leftover pad to break the amps with my fingers.
  13. Test_Subject

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    Chew them open like a man.
  14. MindlessWork

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    Now that's how the hardcore gearheads do it ;)
  15. If it’s well designed amp it should have a little dot where you apply pressure to, and if they forgot the dot still it should snap off pretty easy. I wipe the amp, then wrap a paper towel or tissue around it so that it provides a little protection against cuts and if there are any fragments to catch them instead of letting them fall on the ground.

    Now if it’s a poorly designed amp the neck won’t snap off and the body will shatter in your hands wasting everything. Like why is the neck made so thick.
  16. iamnightowl

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    Put them in your ear and sneeze.
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  17. Savagesteve

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    Only had 1 amp ever break in my hand and used to run them all the time. Break them with your hands and I used a syringe filter occasionally and never had any issues. I think there’s a thread on the string filter deal where even dr Jim chimes in on it
  18. Sworder

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    Step 1 and 2 seem superfluous.
  19. nukklehead

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    sandpaper score around neck then breaks off any way you want
  20. Koko071600

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    I work with amps all the time, just make sure all the fluid is at the base and crack like an egg and ur fine. with my job, its necessary to use a filter needle only because I work with patients.