How to Brew Correctly and Safely ?

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by Steve_489, Jul 3, 2018.

  1. Steve_489

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    Hi everyone

    I'm new here and I want to learn how to brew the raw powder of steroids, I mean the method and what is the needed equipment to do it correctly and safely and I had already ordered my raw and it's on its way to me " testosterone propionate "

  2. Eman

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    You want everyone to come in here and give you all the info you need to brew gear? Doesn't that seem lazy at all to you?
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  3. Steve_489

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    I'm sorry for that I've searched here but I did not find I knew some basic information but I still not sure that why I've posted this here to ask and also keep it as a reference for everyone how to want to brew gear, I also want to know the safe and correct way because there are many methods of brewing gear anyway thanks Mr Eman
  4. Evom1

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    If you go threw the pages here, people have asked this before. There are threads that are shopping lists etc
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  5. EazyDuzIt

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    The thread “it’s brew time !!!” helped my first go at it big time
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  6. Steve_489

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    thanks bro
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  7. BigNattyDaddy

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    I've seen videos on the Internet that might help
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  8. master.on

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  9. Steve_489

    Steve_489 Junior Member

    guys what about benzal benzoate

    should I use the pure one or any type because what I found in the pharmacy is lotion or cream
  10. Eman

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    You're injecting it onto your body... What do you think?

    You're making me think you may not be cut out for brewing gear...
  11. Steve_489

    Steve_489 Junior Member

    you could give me a good answer instead of saying that please just answer well
  12. Eman

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    NO. You don't use BB cream in your gear... Wtf.
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  13. Steve_489

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    can you kindly remove yourself from my post? you are really disturbing me I don't also want your help thanks for your efforts and nice attitude if you're not willing to understand what I'm trying to get please just ignore my post and leave you are not forced to write and show your shitty attitude.

    I asked this question because it's not easy here in my country to find the pure one so I'm just wondering if there is another safe replacement.

    that's why my post title is How to Brew Correctly and Safely ?
  14. Eman

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    And I told you exactly what you needed to do.. get the correct ingredient.

    I'm disturbed by the idea of you thinking that Benzyl benzoate cream and Benzyl benzoate liquid are interchangeable... Which is why my first post was simply to give you a minute to step back and think about your question and answer it yourself with logic. You didn't so I answered it, begrudgingly.

    There aren't really replacements for it... You can get around it in some instances but it's an extremely common ingredient that you'll need repeatedly when brewing.

    I understand why you'd rather not have me post in this thread, I haven't been easy on you. That's simply because you aren't digging deep enough on your own. You can get yourself hurt doing this shit and you are relying on others more than you're relying on yourself. Before you get angry, think about my words because they aren't to put you down.
  15. Steve_489

    Steve_489 Junior Member

    Mr Eman

    I'm not a lazy person or trying to rely on others I searched and watched videos but I still did not get some points that's why I asked here I know it's a very small stupid detail to ask like these questions but what can I do it's chasing me!!
    I just want to get the right information 100% because I don't want to do any stupid mistake while brewing. I was shocked when I went out to pharmacies and other places they don't have BB !!! I will order it online
    thank you, Mr Eman and you're welcome in all my posts
  16. Eman

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    What is your native language?
  17. Steve_489

    Steve_489 Junior Member

    English is not my native language
    Thanks again
  18. Evom1

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    @Eman is watching out for you and he's a very intelligent member. I was equally concerned when you mentioned lotion as even being a possibility.
  19. Breakneck

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    Jesus man.
    Why would you go at somebody busting your balls for you not knowing the difference between bb liquid/cream?

    If you read ANY documentation about brewing you'd NEVER have the question that you do. You can then see asking that question is a few notches better than asking "Should I inject home brew into my nuts?" expecting nobody to react to the inquiry.

    Have you watched even 1 fuckin video showing the general brew process? Ever see somebody squirting bb cream into raw powders ha?

    I feel the need to tell you to read a whole lot more than you have because I feel the next questions you'll be posting are:

    My ass cheek is red, swollen and painful what do I do?
    My nipples are really sore and I feel a bump what could that possibly be?
    I'm weeks into cycle what's an ai?