How to buy more than $300 in Bitcoin

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  1. Beastmoderock

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    how do I get more than $300 in seven days. Circle you can only buy $300 every seven days. Say I need to buy $800 in Bitcoin what site would I go to to be able to buy that many coins in a week
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    The easiest way i jave found is using a bitcoin atm if you are near a decent sized city you will find one. I think you can put up to 10k in
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  4. Beastmoderock

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    How do you know if they have one?
  5. jbeg1985

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    If you just google bitcoin atm near me it will show a map
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    I found one so once I buy it from the atm. Do I need to put in on wallet or do I just send my friend the code it gives me
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    You put ypur wallet number in and it will print you 2 receipts. One will have the bar code for you to scan on whatever app you use
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    What's the best wallet to use for
    so you scan to your wallet and then send to friend via wallet? What wallet you recommend for Apple products
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    Just so you know, that limit does increase eventually. It starts at $300 but if you use it and I think you might have to request an increase. My limit is now at $3,000 per week limit.
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    I emailed Circle and the rep told me that they will automatically increase your limit after you are actively using it for a while. There is nothing you need to do they said, just use it as normal and when you meet certain criteria (they don't say what it is exactly) your limit automatically increases.

    I believe that it resets on a certain day of the week, and not necessarily based on 7 days from your last deposit.
  11. Coinstar gives you a 3k limit start off from a bank account or $60 a day from a credit card which transfers money instantly. Very easy to use platform with there app. Buying selling and transfering is super easy
  12. Sorry guys, meant to say COINBASE, NOT coinstar. Coinstar sucks don't use them.
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    I used, took me about 45mins in total to make two different buys, but you are buying from other people, so you will have a marked up bitcoin price obv.
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    Coinbase if you use your bank account it usually takes 3 days to verify your bank account. I think the bit coin atm is a good bet.
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    I like to use coinbase it's very easy to setup you should have a look at it

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    BLOCKCHAIN is super easy to use. Download their APP to your phone and take the phone to the ATM.

    ONCE YOU ARE AT THE ATM make sure you are logged in to the Blockchain account on your phone.

    Go through the steps at the ATM.

    Put the money in.

    You will scan the QR code it gives you.

    It will instantly transfer the Bitcoins to your wallet.

    Once they are in your wallet you can transfer them to your friends wallet just as quickly.

    Easiest way to find an ATM

    Legit service:

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    I got a local guy that I can buy bitcoin for cash. No mark up and as much as I want. Atm bitcoin machines are a huge ripoff. 15% mark up atleast. Find yourselves a local guy. It's the best way. Takes 5 to 10 minutes for it to clear. You just wait and once it clears he gets the money and everybody's happy.

    DROIDKILLERX90 Junior Member

    I agree the ATM's are a rip off, but they can be convenient if you just need to get it done.

    But, yeah if you got a local guy that will do it that would be your best bet.

    You can find locals at: Fastest and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins

    Do your homework and learn how all of this stuff works before you just jump in. It takes a little time but it is worth it.

    Some may not understand but the price of Bitcoin fluctuates a lot sometimes. So you need to be aware of that when you do your purchase. You can look up the price here:

    Bitcoin Calculator - Convert Bitcoin into any World Currency

    That will give you a real time price.

    So if it is at $605.00 and the ATM is charging you at say $670.00 you are going to lose $65.00 right off the jump. Be aware.

    I literally one time bought at $720.00 and it dropped to below 600.00. cause I had to wait 7 days for the transaction to show up through coinbase. That is a huge drawback.

    So if you plan on buying something you need to get them quickly and then buy what ever it is you are going to buy unless you are a speculator which many are.

    It has been more stable lately.