How To Cap "101"

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    This is how I do it. No 2 people probably do it the same. First off, there is 1000mcg's in a mg. There are 1000mg in a gram. Can you guess how many grams in a kilo, lol.

    The powder that is the main compound of desire is called active ingredient. The powder used to fill up space is called filler. I will be referring to both compounds combined as active ingredient as well.

    I will use a powder similar in density as the active ingredient for the filler. You want both powders to be as close to the same weight and grain size.

    Weigh an empty capsule. For the lesson I will use made up weights so don't use these weights. You'll need to go through the motions and weigh out everything yourself. All powders will be different. We'll use 100mg for empty weight. Fill cap with filler. I pick my capsule machine up about 2 inches and drop over and over again to get powder to sift down. We'll call this sift down. So fill with filler and sift down over and over until it doesn't sift down anymore. Now let's say you get a weight of 600mg. Take away the empty weight (100mg) from full weight (600mg) and you have a total weight of 500mg of total powder. Now, subtract the amount of desired active ingredient you want (per capsule) from the total powder and that will make room for your active ingredient in the total powder space. Let's say you want 50mg per capsule. That would be 50mg from 500mg for a total of 50mg active ingredient and 450mg filler. If you want 100 capsules you'll multiply both numbers by 100. So for active ingredient you'll have 5 grams and for filler you'll have 45 grams. Weigh out your filler and put in bowl to the side. Weigh out your active ingredient and place in large mixing bowl. Take an equal amount of filler to that of product in the mixing bowl and mix. I use a very thin card and I slip underneath the product and flip/fold it over itself over and over again. Maybe 4 or 5 times. Then I rotate the bowl a quarter turn and repeat. I may do this about 4 times. Then add a similar amount of filler to the active ingredient again and repeat. Just eyeball the amounts added. You don't have to be exact. Do that until all filer is added. I only do 100 caps at a time. This method will give you a very consistent product. Just my opinion, though that if you try and do too much at a time that it won't be consistent hence the 100 caps at a time. Add your capsules to the capping machine and begin to add product and sift until product won't sift any more. Pretty much it right there. My cap machine makes 50 caps at a time so you'll have enough powder for 2 turns.
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    Bro i dont have machine caps , i need manual , and I'm having trouble finding scale despite mg.....
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    You'll need to get a scale and a cap em quick.
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    Nice write up pal
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    I use an ez cap filler with tamper, it works real well

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    thank you friends, my problem and the next, I have 5g yk11, and have the capsules, however the scales here (Brazil) not measure 0.01 just 0.1g, I'm thinking to mix with cornstarch time do, but I am in doubt with regard to mix well and fill the capsules ... I do capsules 7mg
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    friends got a scale weighing 10 mg, now I already do, I wonder if it is necessary for the digestion mix with cornstarch, or just the pure substance can already make them
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    Can you say whats good to use for the filler?
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    Protein powder, corn starch

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    I have a lot of powders that are regular supplements. I usually use creatine, sometimes vitamin c. Always use some type of supplement since I have so many different kinds. Here's the thing though, most important, I use a product that has the same (similar) weight and size grains. The closer the products are to each other the better it will mix.
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    Got it Thks
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    I have a doubt, I bought capsules and a precision scale, I decided to use as preencimento cornstarch ....
    as I will share with some friends, and I have sarms powder, I did the following:

    My idea was to make capsules 40 capsules 7mg of yk11 (sarms), a total of 280mg of sarms powder for 40 capsules correct?

    seen that in each capsule fits 0.25g media cornstarch to fill, then for 40 capsules is equivalent to 10 grams of corn starch ...

    then separated 10 grams of corn starch, and mixed with 280mg of yk11, mixed enough to not run the risk of getting uneven ....

    then made 40 capsules with everything already mixed

    is correct that?

    He gave a lot of work ....
    I realized that to make the liquid sarms (as sold) and need to boil and a complicated process ....
    I thought of just mixing 280mg of yk11 powder with 40mls of some liquid, and time using shake the bottle, would be correct out 1ml of 7mg or not that substance mixture fully ...

    please help me many doubts
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    This should help

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    Yes sir, your numbers are correct, but you'll need to subtract The same Amount Of Filler That you'll be adding of active ingredient. That is if the filler and active ingredient have the same weight and mass.
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    The cap em quick I have has this press to pack the filler down. I do that 2 twice before capping.
    EDIT: good post by the way.
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    I watched the videos on YouTube about using them and still don't see how each capsule can contain the same amount of igredient you want ie. 50mg var without weighing and adding to each individual cap?
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    If done properly it will be close enough. The only way your gonna get exact amounts are with solution. Even weighing individually won't be 100% accurate unless you have a very expensive scale.
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    @Millard Baker can you make this a sticky? This post has some very useful information that many newcomers to homebrewing will find helpful and will keep them from over or underdosing their orals.
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