How to cure paxil dick?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by greyowl, Dec 15, 2003.

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    greyowl Junior Member

    Guys I am taking paxil for depression and it is fucking with my balls. I can get a hard-on but can't achieve orgasm, no matter how hard I try. When I try to cycle off the paxil long enough to be able to shoot my wad, horrible deprression sets in before my balls are normal enough to shoot.

    I don;t want to change to another anti-depressant, the paxil works great for me except for this.

    I seem to recall solving this problem a long time ago by taking Andriol.

    Does anyone have any real-world solutions to this problem?
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    diesldud Junior Member

    The Lexapro caused the same problem for me when I first when on it. After time my body adjusted and it was no longer a problem. Good luck man.
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    Peace Division

    Peace Division Junior Member

    I agree with the two guys above. Other than using another form of medication you may have to use another chemical. You said andriol worked before. That just sucks you have to use another drug to compensate for another. Reminds me of using ari to get rid of excess estrogen from test. Good luck. Peace.
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    spectrum Junior Member

    paxil etc.

    i tryed paxil after being told for years i needed medication by friends, co workers, my wife, etc...:rolleyes:

    i finally gave in and my experience was i was still depressed i just no longer gave a shit....switched to prozac for a little while and didnt feel so "numb" but still had some of the "delayed gratification" issues but at least i wanted sex again.

    i'm sitting on a stack of wellbutrin now and been planning to try that eventually (depression has been a lifelong issue for me) and have heard it actually increases sexual function vs the decrease that seems to be the norm for all ssri's.
    apparently wellbutrin acts on dopamine reuptake vs seratonin.
    anyway-if the sexual sides are really a problem u might want to consider wellbutrin as one alternative.
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    morepain Junior Member

    I have to wonder why doctors push paxil so hard, it seems to give people the most problems and it can be hell to come off of after long term usage. I have used anti-depressants for close to 10 years mostly seasonal but sometimes year round. I have always used Prozac at 20 mg per day sometimes bump to 40 in the winter. I have never had any serious sides from it and when i come off i don't detect any real difference. Initially you might just try cutting your dose in half if you are set on taking the paxil, most sides are dose dependant.
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    2small Junior Member

    I feel you on the paxil I take the 40mg most you can take by doc. Gave it to me for anger issues. I have had sex till I thought I was going to have a heart attack with no luck at shooting a load. Been on the stuff four years and when try to come off have serious with drawl. Doc never told me about the side effects, if I had known about them I would have never taken it. The ejaculation problem comes and goes but the not wanting sex is what kills me.
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    Napolean The Large

    Napolean The Large Junior Member

    I actually like that I can fuck for longer now as a result of using Paxil. It makes orgasms way more intense. Girls aren't complaining either.:D
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    astral_essence Junior Member

    how long

    2Small and others that have posted many days since the first day you popped the pills did you notice the delayed ability to orgasm.
    ....was it within 2 days of taking the pill or a couple of weeks before you ability to orgasm diminished?

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    chris gordon

    chris gordon Junior Member

    i also take paxil, also have the delayed ejaculation...but the paxil works great, for me i have found during sex, the best way to reach orgasm is to fight the tendency to speed up to bring about orgasm, its gonna take a while so you better just go slow and pace yourself, also it helps me to be behind the woman (doggy style) this way im not having to hold my big ass up someone said paxil and sex definitely makes for a good cardio workout
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    sixpack9 Junior Member

    I've been there man, It's great but it sux, luckily I was able to cum but it took forever, girls definitely didn't complain!
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    2small Junior Member

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    TNH Junior Member

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    BoogerSnax Junior Member

    Been there, done that. I found that it is a very frustrating situation. Now I'm losing interest in sex. Now, that's a problem...
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    NEU Junior Member

    Is there some link between depression and bodybuilding?
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    Rod Junior Member

    For me, the SSRI Paxil is the worst inhibitor of sexual function. Delayed orgasm and supressed libido. The SSRI Luvox is probably the least inhibiting sexually (maybe Serzone if it is classified as an SSRI). I read a study where ginko helps.

    For the non SSRIs I would go with Wellbutrin. It is a great drug. I don't know if you have ever tried it. But it works on dopamine. It gives me the best antidepressant effect. Plus it enhances libido. It is the most stimulating of the antidepressants. If anxiety is a sympton of your depression you may wany to use a subtle benzo occasionally with Wellbutrin.

    I may also try the foren antidepressent Reboxetine. It works on norepenephrine. Also the new ADD med fron Lilly works on norepenephrine.

    I have also found Sam-e an expensive over-the-counter suplement to be quite effective for depression without any sides.

    There are alot of good antidepressants that don't have the sexual sides of Paxil. Give them a try.
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    TNH Junior Member

    A lot of people like Wellbutrin, but that shit made me go insane. I really was out of control for a while, and it finally went away when I stopped taking it. I hate all of that crap, I never found anything that worked for me. Zoloft helped, but made me lose way to much interest in sex.
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    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    I use Zoloft for anxiety, at 50mg this time around. It freakin takes me FOREVER to bust a nut. Just this morning I woke up to a nice hummer. Felt great, wanted to cum but just couldnt. It was literally 45 mins to an hour before I FINALLY shot my load. Its frustrating to me because I have virtually no control, and frustrating for my girl because its a lot of work for her. I decided to go back to 25mgs. At that dose I would last longer than usual, but not like I am now.
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    wolve Junior Member

    My X Girl friend was taking Paxil. Killed her sex drive and our sex life. Do you guys experience any loss of sensation or just loss of sex drive ?

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    PDP Junior Member


    High Protein low carb diet, fluctuating androgen and estrogen levels and a pefectionist mentality (that is shared by many bodybuilders) all are contributing factors to anxiety, panic, depression etc.
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    NEU Junior Member

    Thats really interesting. I don't think I am depressed, however I am not as "happy" as I should be sometimes. I don't know if it is because I am not an insanely outgoing person or what, but there are a lot of times when I just wish I could be having more fun. I feel like an ass though going to my doctor and saying this shit and then her just saying that it is normal or something. Honestly I had the best times of my life when I was taking 2 adderrall on the weekends when I would go out. I felt like the life of the party and nothing got me down. The only downside was when I would come down, it would suck.....and I couldn't get hard on it either, another bad thing. It is just strange that a lot more people seem to have these problems, yet no you don't see many guys talking about it.

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