How to deal with CTS symptoms and HGH.

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  1. Logan44551

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    Just started experiencing pretty bad CTS after a month of 3iu's of meditropes. I have discontinued use and am waiting for symptoms to go away, before starting back at a lower dose. This is my first time using HGH, just wondering if any of you more experienced members have any tips, tricks, or advice on how to mitigate these side effects? Or if it seems I am already of the best course let me know thanks all you all!
  2. brutus79

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    A lot of people say to gradually increase dose... I do the opposite. I pin a vial a day (even with seros) until sides are intolerable, then I switch to desired dose. Seems to work better than when I try to ramp up
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  3. Eman

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    Lol, why does this not surprise me that this is your methodology...

    @Logan44551 , I typically ramp up slowly but even still... I still get some sides that way. Just depends on how bad they are and how much you can deal with. I went right to 6iu with blacktops and quickly regretted it, went down to 3iu and I was better and then increased dose. When I increased dose, I would increase from earlier in the day first... Meaning I would add an extra unit to my morning or prewo pin before my night pin. Basing that on higher bioavailability at night, whether it made a difference.. not totally sure.
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  4. Roco Bama

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    I did 15iu a day and didn't experienced unpleasant sides other than water retention
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    So a little update, I came off for a week. Sides were still present, started back a 2iu a day. Still experiencing numbness in middle fingers on my right hand. It hasn't been as debilitating as it was originally. I think a lot of that had to do with what I was doing at work the two weeks it started, I was swinging a staple hammer all day every day and doing a bunch of overhead work. Anyhow how the numbness is still there but it hasn't been waking me up at night like it was at first. I can also make a fist first thing in the morning without pain so that is good.
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  6. BigRed91

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    Man this sounds terrible haha I’ve got my first gh coming hoping I don’t react the same
  7. Logan44551

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    I would suggest starting at a low dose. It was weird for me the symptoms didn't start until I was like 5 or 6 weeks in. Everyone is different though, good luck!
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    Would you stay at like 2iu for a few weeks?
  9. Logan44551

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    Yes, I'd try what eman said above.
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  10. lilhawk

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    Get some pharma GH. Problem solved.
  11. Rockclimber

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    Personally I just fight through it and eventually the sides reduce or go away. Fortunately for me I'm in finance so I don't have to swing a hammer but if I did have to do work with my hands I think I would reduce the dose but not discontinue use all together.
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  12. Fitwelder

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    And where to get this pharmacy gh is the new problemo_O
  13. LordSamuilo

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    Pharma gh can cause just as much cts as generics. Its completely person depended , plenty of people get zero cts on generics and plenty of people get massive cts symptoms on pharma , and every scenerio in between . Dudes just talking out of his ass , which from the posts ive seen it seems to be his M.O.
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