How to get a good peak on your bicep

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Giovanni, Mar 19, 2004.

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    Been that way since post number 1. At least he's making sense this time. :D
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    I know there is no inner pec, but you can still do exercises that will place more emphasis on the inside of your chest. You can't tell me that Arnold doesn't know what he is talking about, when he clearly states that you can hit different areas of your chest, he didn't say that there is a inner chest muscle, but he did say that you can work different areas on the chest. I respect the knowledge that you have of bodybuilding bob, but i do disagree somewhat of what you are saying. Have a good day.

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    grisb, bob isn't being pessimistic, he is telling the truth, that you either have it or you don't ... you will not be able to change the shape of the muscle ... that's why some pros have a awesome peak and some don't.
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    Well Mr Smith you are wrong this time. I tore both my bi's, had the right one repaired but not the left and I have a real nice peak on it :D . So there, just tear your bicep and you'll have the peak you're looking for.........11
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    If there is no inner pec, which there isnt, then how do you stress a certain portion of a muscle group? Either the pec major contracts or it does not. You cannot put emphasis on say, the inside 1-3 inches of that muscle. Its not possible.

    I can absolutely say that Arnold doesnt know what hes talking about. See my above comment. Hes wrong, plain and simple.

    Right - upper and lower. Not different portions of the same muscle (pec major). Hes wrong.

    Just because someone had an amazing physique, one that most likely I will never come close to, doesnt mean that he knows what hes talking about.
    Conversely, that also doesnt mean that a small person doesnt know what they are talking about.

    A good friend of mine is small, maybe 150-160 pounds. He is an expert in nutrition, biochem, and exercise science. He knows more than probably 99% of all so-called experts in nutrition. Just because he's small doesnt mean that he doesnt know what hes talking about. Im sure youve heard of him, his name is Lyle McDonald.
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    Just because someone had an amazing physique, one that most likely I will never come close to, doesnt mean that he knows what hes talking about.
    Conversely, that also doesnt mean that a small person doesnt know what they are talking about.

    Good point, Just if someone is great at a sport doesn't mean he'll be a great coach. some of the best minds in sports were never very good at that sport.....11
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    Without being too much of a smart ass, the best way to get a peak on your biceps is to go back to God and ask him for genetics for a biceps peak.

    Of course, you never mentioned your routine, so it's difficult to answer. Assuming you have the basics down - heavy curling of some type whether it be seated, standing, barbell or dumbbell - what type of weight are you lifting? How many reps? What is your back / chest routine like?

    These are all factors in trying to determine how to approach getting quality biceps.
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    Lets not knock Arnold to much here, you cannot contract part of a muscle, its all or nothing. But I assume Arnold knew this, but he was a savvy businessman. Foolish people want to hear that they can work out part of a muscle or spot reduce fat etc. so he was just telling people what they wanted to hear to make money. Is that honest, of course not, but in my opinion few people who are truely good at business marketing are. Arnold was one of the bodybuilding greats he knew what he was doing, even if his books state otherwise.
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    I dont think business had anything to do with his claims back in the 70s.

    AdamTheStud, even though you deleted your post, I can still read it. Kind of amusing, but youre still wrong.
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    Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to lifting. Which is why i respect you guys on this board. As far as that goes I dont believe that Arnold could have been as sucessful as he was if he truly believed some of the stuff he preached in his books. But thats just my opinion.
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    Sorry to disagree, (maybe I misunderstood you), but while you are right that a muscle either contracts or it doesn't, certain actions can employ the fibers of that muscle differently and to different levels. So, it *is* possible to stress specific fibers within a muscle more than others. In a compound muscle like Pec Major it would be possible to stress the muscle fibers that attach to the sternum more than those that attach to the clavicle for instance. That's why we have excercises that stress the Upper Chest (incline presses), the Middle-Chest (bench presses), and the Lower Chest (declines). I'd say carefully focused Flies (incline or flat) could employ those sternum attaching fibers of Pec Major more than the others and therefore work the "mid-chest."
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    You can't shape muscles in any certain way, but there is a way to get work on a bicep peak. The Brachialis muscle is located directly under the Biceps muscles. When you work the Brachialis specifically and get it to grow, it pushes the bicep upwards. When the belly of the Brachialis is larger, it will push the belly, or the center of the Biceps upwards, giving you a better peak.
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    No you can't. It is not possible to contract just the inner or outer pecs more than the other. Full ROM and bug compound movements are the best way to develope the chest.
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    i always get peaks on my bi's from doing hammer curls and close grip on the ez-curl bar. if i dont do these curls i dont keep the peak. so i personally have found these two exercises to work for me. when i do these 2 exercises i feel a hard burn at the beginning of my bicep right above my elbow and over time it tightens my bicep upwards toward my shoulder giving my biceps there peak. maybe its just me???
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    Muscle adaptations

    A little background:

    First off Pec minor isnt below pec major its relation is deeper. Pec major covers both upper and lower chest. It runs from the clavicle and sternum downward and laterally to the humeral head. While pec minor is deeper and originates on ribs 3-5 and attaches to the coracoid process of the scapula in an upward lateral direction.

    As with any exercise you can place stress on different points of a muscle belly by changing the angles of the actions. Such as incline vs. decline or standing curls vs. preacher curls. Otherwise there would only be one exercise per muscle group and our workouts would be 5 mins long. Doing Crossovers stresses the attachment of the muscle on the sternum and forces the fibers to either adapt(grow) or fail(tear away from).

    Similar to the effects explained in: The Principle Of Overcompensation, The Overload Principle and, Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands
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    What bob is trying to say is that if you wish hard enough, your biceps will peak. You have to visualize, then attack.
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