How to improve cardio?

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    Okay, i know most of your answers would be to do more cardio. I know that. Basically I'm 190lbs around 9%. I want to be able to run 1-1.5 miles in a decent time. I haven't ran in forever. I'm looking for tips on how to GRADUALLY improve my cardio. I don't want to be simply go out and attempt to runs miles. Also i want to incorporate it with my lifting. Should i begin running on treadmill post workout 2-3x a week? Typically i'd do low intensity cardio such as walking on incline or stationary bike whenever i cut, but i never ran/jogged. So i wan't to slowly, gradually improve my cardio. Any tips?
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    Why not join a running forum?
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    I assume you are into bodybuilding since you’re in this forum? Don’t do long, steady state cardio. You want to decrease the time you do cardio and increase the intensity.

    If you’re on a treadmill, do 10 full on sprints on an incline for 30sec, stand on the sides and rest 30sec, repeat 10x.

    Better yet get on a stair climber or rowing machine. And best of all, do heavy as fuck farmers’ walks. Walk for a min, rest 30sec. Or walk for 2min, rest 1min. Use a trap bar or dumbbells.

    Kettle bell swings are good. Jogging will eat muscle and some studies show it can lower testosterone. If you fashion scrawny, noodley legs, jog it up brother.
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    You were better off not replying, why would i join a running forum. I'm sure people here have better advice then 110lb runners that run for 10 miles a day
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    Thanks for your advice, Yea i'm not trying to overdo my cardio and lose my gains, but i want slight improvement in cardio so i can slowly adapt to longer running etc...
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    Lol right, why the fuck would you ask runners how to get better at running? That's like joining a bodybuilding/steroid forum and asking how to get bigger.

    Guess what, there's short distance runners there too. Why not ask people who study every method what the most effective way to reach your goals are? How many guys here you think run?

    That would be like one of them wanting to gain muscle, but not wanting to take advice from a bodybuilder cuz they don't want to get that big
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    I get what you're saying, but i wanted to hear advice from other bodybuilders. i'd like to see how other bodybuilders improved their cardio. I didn't necessarily want advice from "runners" since they don't bodybuild nor have the size of someone who did. Their views and methods probably don't apply well to bodybuilders.
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    What I would suggest, as a bodybuilder and a trainer is this.

    If the goal is actual cardiovascular health and endurance I would do resistance based hiit. Start with 30 seconds on 60 seconds off for about 12 minutes and work your way up to let's say 15-20mins. Play around with intervals. I vary 30/60 and 60/120 based on the client. What matters to me is the interval in which they can truly give 100% intensity.

    Doing this under resistance is also important. Things such as pushing a sled, rowing machine, spinning bike, or even using compound lifts.

    If your goal is purely running I would start with running a 1/4mile. Do it the quickest you can and record your time. Continue focusing on 1/4 mile until it is not challenging to run at the pace which is your goal and you're able to talk somewhat ok during the run. Then increase the distance by 1/4 mile and restart the process
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    I'll reluctantly give some advice despite the fact you seem to be a little bit of a dick to @Evom1... He's trying to give you a hand, you owe the guy an apology.

    I suggest jogging outside, not on a treadmill. Download an interval timer app on your phone. It'll beep through your headphones.

    Based on your fitness level, you'll want to jog at about a 7rpe for 30sec then walk until you can just about speak normally again. That's one rep, continue for 6 reps then take a 5min break. Then do another set.

    This will slowly improve your conditioning. You'll want to work up to 2 sets of 10 reps, and get your rest time down without affecting the subsequent RPE of the next "rep".

    Once you have a good base of conditioning, start jogging for 5-10min at a lower RPE and continue adjusting rest times as needed. I'm not sure how that would calculate the RPE and the interval timing but you should generally need to be less calculated about it at that point and go by feel... You'll have learned a lot about yourself by the time you're jogging a mile straight through.

    If you want to work on speed, go back to the original template and raise the RPE to 10 for very short intervals.
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    Hard Conditioning 2-3 times a week and two distance runs weekly at the distance you are trying to improve for time.

    Running is no different than lifting. Progressive overload and performance improvements is all you need to focus on.
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    Running is overrated IMO. Hard on the joints. I hate fucking cardio, but I do the rowing machine if I feel like I have to do some.
  12. I've started running as well and I've lowered my times by a lot. I basically do three types of runs:

    1.6km as fast as I can 2-3x per week
    3.2km as fast as I can 1x per week (usually sunday)
    15 mins HIIT of 40 sec sprints / 20 secs rest on the side (add .5 of speed every week until I max the machine, then I'll do 50/10 splits of HIIT but always of 15 mins) 2-3x per week

    Why am I doing something like this? I figure that I have a running exam where I have to do something along the lines of 3km in 12 minutes. So I decided to do a running plan that resembles what I need. So I run often and my suffering is short.

    Also, GSP has a philosophy where he trains intensely for 25 minutes, only because he has to fight for 25 minutes. So, I decided to adopt that for my own... which is with running.
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    wow single digit body fat, what did you use to determine that? I assume you are competing and that's why you want more cardio and lower body fat?