How to lower SHBG?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by madclown, May 27, 2007.

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    madclown Junior Member

    Quick question -- what are some treatments to lower SHBG, natural or otherwise?

    The only drug I have heard mention of was Danazol, however not sure if it is meant for this purpose or would instead shut down someone further.

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    golaba Junior Member

    lower your dosages n work out regularly
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    JanSz Junior Member
    RippedUp07-12-2004, 02:12 AM
    Originally posted by raybravo
    taken from mass monsterz :
    Not many options when it comes to trying to lower SHBG levels
    Supplements that lower SHBG:
    =-Avena Sativa Extract/Green oat that contains Avenacosidas-supposedly there is none of this product out on the market that shows that it works.
    =-Carao Extract-Theory only-has not been proven yet
    =-Urtica dioica aka Stinging nettle prostate formula and MiraForte
    =-Muira Puama MiraForte
    clomid and nolvadex increas SHBG levels.
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    madclown Junior Member

    Thanks for the replies, guys.

    Does anyone know anything about Danazol? Does it indeed lower SHBG?
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    jaydee Member

    Danazol will shut you down. It is an anti-gonadatrophin from what Ive heard about it.
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    griffinannie Junior Member

    Dr. Shippen uses low dose Danazol to control SHBG.
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    farmerjohn Junior Member

    In Dr. Shippens book he says excess estrogen increases the body's production of SHBG and high levels of testosterone depress SHBG production. So you need to keep your testosterone high and estrogen low.....of course we would all love to do that. To keep estrogen low naturally use all the sandard methods to reduce armoatase enzyme......lose excess body fat, limit alcohol to 2 drinks a day or less, 30-50 mg of zinc per day, appropriate does of DIM.
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    btn2102 Junior Member

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    Rangeball Junior Member

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    pmgamer18 Member

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    JanSz Junior Member

    have you ever come across discussion on two molecules of SHBG and how that affects the T and E testing?

    I got this reference and it bothers me ever since.
    I wish I could find others discussing this topic.
    I looked thru Quest and LabCorp but did not found anything.
    I am sure Quest is using this, I just cant find any thing there.
    The people who wrote this, assign huge error to old way of doing calculations
    so it is important issue.
    The same peolple address only FreeT and BAT calculations, but there are Estrogens that are affected by this finding, nobody talks about them.


    Background: The mass action law-based calculation
    methods for free testosterone (FT) and ‘‘bioavailable’’ testosterone
    (BAT) – routinely used for assessing androgen
    disorders – rely on the supposition that the sex hormone
    binding globulin (SHBG) molecule contains one steroid
    binding domain (SBD). However, recent biochemical
    investigations revealed that this molecule actually comprises
    two SBDs.
    This necessitates new equations
    (Calc2) for FT and BAT calculation.
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    cpeil2 Junior Member

    How about this?
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    pmgamer18 Member

    No I have not seen this and so now what labs are not worth a crap. I don't go by my labs anyway we go by how I feel. Have had labs say I was to high and I felt great so we left the dose alone.
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    cpeil2 Junior Member

    The fact that the SHBG molecule may have been mischaracterized doesn't really seem that signmgicant. It does mean that calculated values based on SHBG concentration are too low. But since the reference ranges, and our idea of what is normal and abnormal are also based on the mischaracterization of the molecule, the numbers will change, but nothing else, really.
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    JanSz Junior Member

    I mentioned number of times in my previous posts that they claim that huge error exist.
    They claim it is error (1.5x2.2x)
    CalcV was reported to overestimate BAT by a factor of 1.52.2 [12]. Moreover, CalcV was first proposed in 1999 w8x and is, naturally, based on the biochemists view of the SHBG molecule in the 1990s; but the view of this molecule has changed, step by step, in recent years

    I look at it this way
    Me and Phil have about the same SHBG=20
    but for example I have more A an Phil have moe of B, that fact may/will affect

    what do we do with that????
    I think I have noted that people who test blood at QuestDiagnostics post different ranges, also some of the ranges are different than posted in their EndoManual.

    Even their Endo manual (2004)
    do not have the
    Free, Bioavailable, and Total testosterone
    that is only mentioned here:
    This is really cutting edge science.
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    cpeil2 Junior Member

    Nothing. All the numbers would change. Calculated values based on SHBG would be different, reference ranges and reported values would be different, but it doesn't effect the underlying phenomenon being measured. The hormone levels are still the same. It would be like adopting a new system of measurement:

    A homone level expressed in SI units and metric units represents the same amount of hormone.

    When a stock that you own doubles, you have twice the number of shares but you don't have any more money.
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    plymouth city

    plymouth city Junior Member

    Chrysin, taken transdermally in a cream, either with a script for a DR and purchased at a compounding pharmacy, or threw Dermacrine Sustain at :D
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    cwoody123 Junior Member

    I too still have high SHBG (50mnol/l) even thou my T and Estrodial are in range. I was reading that Hyperprolactinema can lower SHBG. I have been on dopamine agonists to lower my prolactin due to a prolactinoma, my levels are now really low at (88miu/l was initally 33,000) Im thinking that i now maybe need to cut back my dosage on dostinex and in turn this may lower my SHBG?
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    JanSz Junior Member

    Stocks example do not apply.
    The paper I quoted, claim error between 1999 calculations (that are presently being used) and calculation that uses two molecules for SHBG, is huge, they claim it is error (1.5x2.2x).
    In old calculations two people that have same numbers for TT, SHBG and Albumin have same numbers for FreeT and BAT.
    In new calculations that is no longer true.
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    cpeil2 Junior Member

    I think we may be talking two separate issues. I could not view your reference because the link would not work.

    Are you saying that there are two different SHBG molecules, each having a different binding capacity with sex hormones, and that some people have one molecule and that other people have the other molecule?

    If I understand you correctly, an SHBG polymorphism would definitely complicate testing. It would necessary to identify which molecule type a person had in order to arrive at a correct result.

    The reference I linked to talked about how the SHBG molecule has been mischaracterized. Historically it has been thought that SHBG was a heterodimer - meaning that it consisted of two different subunits - only one of which has a sex hormone binding site.

    Now, it is found that SHBG is a homodimer- meaning that it consists of two identical monomer subunits - each having a steroid hormone binding site.

    The existence of two binding sites on a single molecule would mean that a single molecule bound twice as much sex hormone as previously thought, which would certainly change the calculus, but without any practical result.

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