How to maintain normal ball size on 500-1000mg test

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by bigboichoi, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. bigboichoi

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    I have a physical coming up for the marine reserves and I do want them to notice that my balls are shrunken. I already run hcg but there is still some shrinkage. What can I do? I can't come off yet, but I will come off for boot camp.
  2. Holidaypay

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    Is the person giving the physical familiar with ur ball size lmao I don't think they will say hey u got little nuts an if they do tell them they just look small next to my giant dick lol in all seriousness I don't think its very noticible u prob don't have a lot to worry about
  3. Big_paul

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    I dont think they are going to grab your balls. :)
    Use hcg if you are concerned.
  4. T-Bagger

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    Was thinking the same. Do they actually compare your balls with an orchidometer?
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  5. DrinkFlintWater

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    If your referring to your physical at MEPS, then yes, they will literally play with your ballsack looking for any "irregularities" I put that in quotes because I honestly cant remember what they were was a long time ago...if theyre considerably smaller, might raise a flag...idk..never touched hcg; suppose that would help.
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  6. bigboichoi

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    I use hcg, but I did not start using it at the beginning of my cycle. As a result of my mistake, they haven't come back to normal despite using hcg for a month or so. I heard it takes about 3 months of hcg usage for testicle size to return to normal?
  7. bigboichoi

    bigboichoi Member

    Anyway this physical is in a month. I am thinking of using hcg 1000iu eod up until then? Or maybe even ed I don't know. I don't want to raise any red flags. The only reason I am using steroids is because I don't want to lose my gains while doing cardio, if that makes sense.
  8. Holidaypay

    Holidaypay Member

    If u have to come off while ur going through training won't it be harder for u I bnc so I don't know but I have heard a lot of stories about how crappy people feel when they come off
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  9. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Sertoli cells make up the vast majority of the testes. IIRC, along with seminiferous tubules over 85%. So, ehCG while having an effect due to some FSH activity can leave the testes size wanting. rhCG has no FSH effect. hMG might aid, but I am not aware of studies, although I am sure they exist.

    FWIW: Testes size is a key element of the exam.
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  10. bigboichoi

    bigboichoi Member

    So what would you recommend doctor? Also what's the difference between rHCG and eHCG?
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  11. I’m guessing endogenous hcg (from urine) and recombinant hCG. So if rhCG has no fsh activity does that mean it’s not as effective for fertility? I use rhCG and I feel it’s effects much more than ehCG, and I can swear it added a wee bit of size to my balls.
  12. Voltrader

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    How bad are they? They do check for irregularities. I have always had some shrinkage but none that is highly noticable. Not To the point we're I think a MEPS doctor would notice. Will you have time to proper pct before boot camp I would consider that a major concern too.
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  13. Holidaypay

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    I didn't think my nuts shrank I said it to my wife ton an she just laughed at me an said honey u just c them to much to notice :oops:
  14. DrinkFlintWater

    DrinkFlintWater Member Supporter

    This would be my biggest concern...IMO
  15. Mac11wildcat

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    Given your situation, hop off now. You need more than a couple weeks to pct. 4 is tight but ok. Pull the trigger.

    If you can’t have small balls I bet you can’t bring elicit drugs.
  16. bigboichoi

    bigboichoi Member

    Boot camp is in a year, but the physical is in 4 weeks.
  17. BigNattyDaddy

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    English please :)
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  18. ironwill1951

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    no it doesn't make sense if your only using steroids to keep from losing muscle during boot camp.
    the only thing that will keep you from losing size during boot camp is diet.

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  19. Holidaypay

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    Maybe losing muscle isn't a bad thing it might slow u down an make u the biggest target if u get deployed
  20. SteroidsBro

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    This isn't worth worrying about. They aren't going to shrink very much on cycles.