How to make own testosterone cream?

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    Hey guys,

    I know compounding pharmacy's usually use either "HRT heavy cream" or "lipoderm" cream to make testosterone cream up to 20%(200mg per 1g)

    Is this available anywhere for purchase? I can't find it.

    If not does anyone have a good recipe for high absorption + high concentration?

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    Great first post
    At least you didn't ask for a source, all out of the cold.
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    I've been around for a while but since this regards homebrew I rather not post under an account that I've posted some personal info with before...

    Also don't need a source, already have the test base, just curious if anyone could recommend a legal product(the base...)

    Thought post might be helpful to others too since I've done quite a bit of research and while I've found some options there seems to be a lack of info about this topic online(making own cream with a high %)...
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    Phlojel Ultra.
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    Awesome, looking into it now, thank you.
  6. Dmso?
  7. chopsuey

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    I was thinking of using DSMO too but from my research it can cause skin irritation, especially in the amount we would need to use for the test base and since the best application for optimal dht conversion is on scrotum that could be bad news.
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    Can you PM me some more specifics of the method? My father is diagnosed with low T and doesn’t have insurance for trt so I’d like to do this for him. He’s too needle shy for pins
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  9. Shut I talked to guys who back n the day just crushed up finaplix pellets, mixed with dmso, and rubbed all over their inner thigh. Just a little scary to me...
  10. I'm quite familiar with DMSO. We used it often on our horses and my Dad used to rub it on sore joints, muscles etc. for years. I used it several times and never had any issues with skin irritation. Only side effect was, it will leave a taste of oysters in your mouth and it stinks like you rubbed raw oysters all over your body.
  11. I too would be interested in a recipe. If someone would be inclined to share.
  12. master.on

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    Table 4
    Kinetics and composition of different transdermal testosterone formulationsa–c

    Medication Absorption Duration Inactive ingredients

    androgel 1% Continuous – 10% bioavailable 5 days after achieving steady state Carbomer 980, ethyl alcohol 67.0%, isopropyl myristate, sodium hydroxide, purified water

    Androgel 1.62% Continuous 48–72 hours Carbopol 980, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl myristate, sodium hydroxide, purified water

    Axiron Reservoir of testosterone and octisalate 7–10 days after reaching steady state Ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, octisalate, and povidone

    Fortesta Continuous 24–48 hoursd Propylene glycol, purified water, ethanol, 2-propanol, oleic acid, carbomer 1382, triethanolamine, and butylated hydroxytoluene

    Testim 1% Sustained release – 10% bioavailable 24–48 hoursd Pentadecalactone, carbopol, acrylates, propylene glycol, glycerin, polyethylene glycol, ethanol (74%), tromethamine, purified water

    Transdermal testosterone replacement therapy in men
  13. master.on

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    In vitro percutaneous absorption of ketoprofen and testosterone: comparison of pluronic lecithin organogel vs. pentravan cream

    Article (PDF Available)  in International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding 16(3):248-52 · October 2012 with 449 Reads

    Paul Lehman Sam G Raney 27.86U.S. Food and Drug Administration

    An in vitro human percutaneous absorption study was conducted to assess the delivery of ketoprofen and testosterone from two base formulations, a Pluronic lecithin organogel and Pentravan Cream. Each formulation was applied to ex vivo human trunk skin (from three skin donors) on triplicate sections mounted onto Franz Diffusion Cells. Following a 5-mcL/cm2 applied dose, serial dermal receptor solutions were collected over 48 hours. For both compounds, a greater rate and extent of absorption was found from the Pentravan formulation than from the Pluronic lecithin organogel formulation: 3.8-fold greater for ketoprofen, 1.7-fold greater for testosterone, for amount absorbed.

    Formula here:
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    Naw you didnt
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    Ive probably used about 30 bottles of Salvo transdermal carrier over the years. I can dissolve 4 grams of testosterone base in it easily. Everything else is a bit trickier, and more like 2.5-3 grams per bottle.

    I like how easy it is to use, from mixing it up to applying it. Soaks right into the skin. I like the smell. It is slightly sweet, the tiniest bit sulfurus at first, and clean. Note the 3mL/day maximum amount recommended by the manufacturer.
  18. chopsuey

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    Just an update for anyone who's interested. I ended up using the Phlojel Ultra cream to make it.

    There's claims that the absorption rate is 30-40% but that wasn't the case for me, it was more like 10%, in fact my levels(tested total t, free t, estrogen) were almost identical to using androgel which is about 10% absorption rate.

    Seems like kind of a waste to use that much powder for little effect so I will save it to make an injectable instead when I want to run a cycle.