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    This right here. Just get Excel pins with the nipple plunger. It pushes up into the plastic of the needle.
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    They make a syringe that is designed to get every drop out. It's got a little carrot shaped thing on the plunger. I think med lab gear has them, or can find them. I'm not sure what they're called, but otnof guys on here know what I'm talking about. Maybe some will chime in.
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    Cheers guys im not too bothered about the 0.1ml of loss i get my needles from the exchange anyways.
    Glad i made the thread though as saved me pinning 0.9ml everytime and i was just going to order like 10 more vials of test for future cycles but it worked out to the perfect amount so now ill just buy an extra one to count for the bits.
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    Don't over think it bro.
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    Im here to tell ya boyz that not giving a fuck about whats in the needle after injection isnt going yo make it or break it.
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    You’re over thinking it op
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    Is this a real thread?
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    Tha Fuck?
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    How have ya been man?
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