How to measure with a syringe?

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by usufruct, Sep 9, 2005.

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    usufruct Junior Member

    If I want to withdraw a 1/2 cc of test cyp from a vial and the the syringe has a concave-shaped plunger like this ^ with the ^ facing toward the needle but also with a black band underneath do I set the tip of the ^ at 1/2 cc or do I use the edge of the black band. Using the edge of the black band would withdraw less test cyp but which is the appropriate measure. I ask this because I was using the tip of the ^ and my Watson test cyp only lasted about 15 weeks for a 10 cc vial at 200mg/cc. My intention is to inject 100 mgs of test cyp a week. Anyone know the answer.
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    ENDRO Junior Member

    You use the edge of the rubber stopper but you must remember there will be a small amount in the tip of the drawing needle so suck that all the way in before you stop and make sure you are set at 1/2 ml..
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    usufruct99 Junior Member

    Thanks ENDRO.

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