How to profit from the coronavirus?

Discussion in 'Men's Economics' started by master.on, Mar 22, 2020.

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    I'm thinking about:

    A. Making some top-notch sanitizer. I have some chemistry background...

    B. Making masks.
    But I can't sew
    and the gov't is going to make and give away 500 million of them, N95 grade.

    C. Buy some put options.
    But the market already plunged so you may be behind the curve
    or not, IMO the market will further tank.

    D. Become a coronavirus testing technician.
  2. you should consider paid clinical trials.
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  4. You should donate all your organs to science...tomorrow. You'd be doing a world a favor killing two birds with one stone: Your organs and your life. If you need bus fare, let me know..
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    All humor aside, the price gouging I am reading about is horrible. It's disgusting to see people exploiting this situation.

    "In Florida, one seller was offering 15 N95 face masks on Amazon — for $3,799.

    In Massachusetts, a convenience store was selling milk for $10 a gallon.

    And in Minnesota, a smoke shop was charging $79.99 for 36 rolls of toilet paper."

    Price Gouging Complaints Surge Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
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