How to remain hidden?

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by Dohn joe, May 31, 2018.

  1. Dohn joe

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    So i wanted to know how to remain hidden while purchasing with bitcoin. I see that coinbase tracks 4 it as simple as transferring to a 5th wallet? With that said, how do you guys afford all the fees?

    I havent started with crypto yet but i wanted to order some raws from PPL and thats all they take.
  2. Sk8man101

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    Depends on how crazy you wanna get with it.
    A lot of guys just transfer it to a darkwallet, then another wallet, then transfer it to the source.

    Edit: I’m sure others have just went straight from their origanal wallet to the source too.

    RIP Circle
  3. MindlessWork

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    I may try moving coin to an offline (paper) wallet from CB and then after a bit send it to another online wallet. Figure the offline wallet would throw CB off the scent.

    From what I read paying a source directly from your CB wallet is a no no as your account can get shut down as soon as you click send if the address you sending to is flagged (and they don't tell you its flagged). I would assume any source's bitcoin address is flagged and act accordingly.
  4. Dohn joe

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    I havent read anything about dark wallets, i may need to look into that a bit.

    Im not sure how the paper wallets work. From what i can tell is its simply a code to get access to your money?
  5. master.on

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    How to remain hidden?
    Simple answer: You can't
    All that launder/tumbler/mixer pitch is BS. Btc leaves a bigger digital trace than cash or WU/MG. Plain fact.
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  6. Evom1

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    If you mean hidden physically I would suggest a ghillie suit in a dense forest area. Use a smart phone instead of a.laptop because it's smaller and have the light turned all the way down. Use very small movements, I'd suggest using a stylus instead of your finger.

    If you mean electronically hidden then I'm not sure
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  7. master.on

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    It doesn't make much sense to drive to the woods, or the desert Breaking-bad like
    when your real name, address, SSN and DOB are all listed in the credit card you used to buy Btc.
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  8. Morefyah

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    It the big scheme of things does being xtra super secure really matter. I mean for the average joe? Is bouncing all these funds around really saving us all from jail?
    Crypto is not new anymore. Has there been one case of the po po knocking down the door of anybody here at meso or anywhere for that matter. Do you really think there going to waste there time and resources busting a PED user for scoring $200 worth of gear on the net?

    Now if your a brewer, dealer or purchaser of large quantities of Gear or Raws then yes it makes sense to juggle the money.
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  9. BigNattyDaddy

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  10. DrDylan

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    Simply use Monero instead of BTC ppl accept it, and it's very secure.
  11. master.on

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    Hypothetically speaking,
    a dealer would have a WU/MG/wire-transfer resender in another country.
    Receiving his funds cash, then using another person to send funds to china (paying cash).
  12. RCCP

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    Mine it yourself and-or use a hierarchical deterministic wallet. This wallet auto changes it's address every time there is a transaction.
  13. WifeBeater

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    Bitcoin is only as anonymous as the person using it. From the time you set up the wallet, to the purchase of bitcoin, and to the expenditure of bitcoin, you leave breadcrumbs to your identity. When setting up accounts, be mindful of using your identifiable email address, name, phone number etc.

    If you are careful not to tie your identity anywhere in the process of using Bitcoin, then you truly can become nothing but numbers on a screen.

    It's insane to me that people on here use Coinbase as there means of aquiring and using Bitcoin. Pay a little extra in fees and research on how to buy with cash locally, and take the cautions I've outlined above and you will be as "hidden" as you need to be.
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  14. MindlessWork

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    Aren't most exchanges requiring email and other proof of who you are? If so what options out there that do not require ID verification? The US government is pretty much cracking down on crypto exchanges and requiring exchanges to gather info from US citizens using their service so it will be quite hard to avoid not exposing some personal information.
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  15. WifeBeater

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    First off exchanges are not your only option for aquiring Bitcoin. Their advantage is super low fees and convienance for the average user. I will assume we here are not "average, law abiding users", therefore we have to give up convienance and pay slightly higher fees for the higher security that our purposes require. The one option that I use is LibertyX, which gives you a list of local store's to buy Bitcoin at. They only require I.D. if you plan on purchasing more than $1000 per day through there service or app( I use the app).

    When you set up your account just use a separate email from your personal one and your as anonymous as you can really get. It's SUPER easy and the fees are really cheap considering the privacy you get.

    If you decide to change to this way of safely using Bitcoin for our purposes, I suggest you start from zero, and completely separate any ties to your existing accounts(like coinbase). New email, new wallet, new everything. You dont have to get rid of your existing account(i.e. coinbase) just STOP BUYING BLACK MARKET PRODUCTS WITH EXCHANGE PURCHASED BITCOIN BECAUSED ITS TRACKED NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU MOVE YOUR MONEY AROUND. Your personal identity has already been permanently tied to whatever you buy or spend and you can't change it. Good luck
  16. WifeBeater

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    Your right in that they do require info like an email, but that doesn't mean that the email you use be personally identifiable and Bitcoin is not as of yet fully required to be held to the same standards as banks therefore there are still services that allow anonymous transactions as long as they don't go over a certain limit.