How to store HCG in fridge discreetly

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  1. clayface91

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    Title says it all, I live with roommates and while I don't care if they know I take stuff I still don't want them to be able to see some mysterious vial just chillin' in the fridge next to their sticks of butter LOL. But I mean it should probably be some kind of container that will prevent it from tipping over and rolling around, because the peptide is super sensitive apparently. Anyone else had this situation?
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    Diabetic case
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  3. wilbur858

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    The secret containers sold on Amazon. You can get Arizona ice tea ones
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  4. clear0cn

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    Does the job for me IMG_20180324_151833.jpg
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  5. clayface91

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    Haha the cottage cheese container made me chuckle. I think I'm going to go with my original plan and just improvise with what I have. Will look into the secret containers though.
  6. bob hughes

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    Problem with the Arizona tea can though, is if your roommates are anything like roommates iVe had in the past, they’re gonna try to open that shit up and drink it. And then the gig is up, and they’re going to think its something whole lot shadier than hcg. you leave for work one morning, your roommate sees an opportunity to drink that can of tea He had his eye on, Quickly realizes it’s a dummy can, and finds the hidden compartment and the vial, Freaks out and thinks his new roommate is a fentanyl junkie, and you come home to the police tearing up your room and finding your hidden stash of testosterone, Which is a controlled substance and if they went to the trouble of tossing your house they likely would arrest you for it.

    Not knowing your situation, Why can’t you just tell them what it is? and just give them a heads up in case they notice the vial in the fridge or syringes lying around. Hcg Is commonly prescribed, it’s not a controlled substance. not sure if it’s still a thing, but the hCG diet was huge and there’s tons of soccer moms out there who inject it as well. Just tell them you have a prescription, and that should be the end of it. But again I don’t know your situation so maybe there’s a reason why you’re not handling it that way. Or why not a locking mini fridge for your room?
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  7. clayface91

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    1. I'm 26 and to me the prescription thing is an obvious lie "yea that vial that says enhanced chemicals, that's a prescription" lol
    2. I met these guys off Craigslist and one is the owner of the house, 2 of the roommates smoke weed so not a big deal that I use PEDs
    3. Owner can possibly be charged with maintaining a drug house (not for the HCG but for roids and such)
    4. IMO if you're going to do illegal activities, don't tell people you live with or rent from unless MAYBE if you're really close. Basically just don't like giving people any leverage over me
    5. There's a difference between knowing someone does something illegal and them being open and liberal about it

    Sorry if that sounds rude, just being blunt
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  8. clear0cn

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    You're overthinking this mate swats are not going to drop cause you keep some hcg in your frig.
  9. DragoT

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    How about a mini-fridge in the corner of your room? 10.00 x 7.00 x 11.00 Inches, $39. Small price to pay for peace of mind. And cold beer too... :)
  10. Perrin Aybara

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    This plus maybe $10-15 more to fit a lock on it.
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  11. Storm127

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    A 21 oz. Yeti cooler and small thermometer to keep inside. Half filled with ice I can keep it at 35-45 degrees for up to three days before refill ing. I do this for travel. If your that concerned about roommates that's an easy alternative.
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  12. master.on

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    1 insulin labels

    2 in a non-alcoholic beer. No college roomate is ever going to touch that!

    3 in a Disulfiram (Antabuse), stop-drinking pills box.
    Disulfiram - Wikipedia
    Even tough pills weren't supposed to be refrigerated, no college buddy is ever going to touch that either!
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  13. clayface91

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    LOL those are some good ideas... I had no idea they made mini fridges that small, wow!
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Kakarot

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    For the price of a yeti op could buy 3 or 4 new mini fridges or 5 used deep freezers. Fuck
  16. clayface91

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    For anyone who still cares, here is what I came up with. Took my bottle of probiotics (meant to be stored in fridge) and stuffed cotton swabs on top of capsules, which also serve as a cushion for the hcg so it is not rattled around. Replaced the probiotic caps with bcaas because they're basically useless and I'll never take them lol

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