how to use PEDs on tested sports?

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    Hello, I want to ask a question that can be useful for more members, is there a way to use doping substances in tested sports ?, in the setting of a sport where you compete every weekend, and there may be a random control After each game on those weekends, would there be any way to dop during the week's workouts to improve performance and recovery and that when the weekend you can not test positive ?, I have been informed about methods such as using in the 2 harder training days of the week growth hormone and insulin, for example 5u of hgh those 2 days of the week and the rest of days not taking anything, that system would give negative that same weekend? are there better options? I await your answers, thank you
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    I just need to ask what sport?

    Taking 5iu of gh twice a week for what activity? What are you expecting that to do?

    and insulin?? Im guessing an endurance sport? No insulin lol
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    I play profesional rugby, the use of growth hormone and insulin is to improve the anabolism generated in those specific workouts and together with insulin to improve recovery, since these compounds, according to information I have found, would not test positive on that weekend, it was just an example anyway.
    In my case, im talking about training 4 days a week , with 2 sessions per day , one of gym , and one in the field.
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    Do they test for growth hormone?
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    Like all anti-doping federations, there is no information on what they test and what they don't, but I have to assume that they do tests for everything just in case, in my case I am not willing to take the risk, so I have to be sure that I cannot give positive
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    But I suppose that if they do tests to detect hgh, what they can look for is alterations in the blood ratio of igf-1 or of the growth hormone itself.
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    Human growth hormone (hGH) Testing

    Just found this, don't know it it'll help?

    I'd imagine that the governing organisations will keep the precise amounts and markers for a lot of tests quiet to prevent athletes beating the system haha. Section 4 mentions the there is a biomarker test. A couple of mates of mine here in the UK have had bans from using whilst playing, so I think the tests are starting to work a bit better than they used to.

    How are you finding the whole lockdown and no rugby? It's driving me nuts, desperate to get playing again soon and hoping there will be a bit more than the occasional re-run on tv soon. The first few weeks off were nice to let the body recover, now its just frustrating and boring.
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    thanks for the info mate, yeah i saw that info , but we dont really know de tection time the governing organisations have , so i dont know if its possible to use hgh during season.
    And yes hahaha, the first weeks off were good , but now i really want to go to the gym at least.
    What were using your mates when they get banned?.
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    Yeah they keep it very hush hush. I've a mate who works as an S&C coach for Harlequins and he's said that their players are tested way more for recreationals than PEDs, another lad from Sarries has said he hadn't been tested for over 18 months for either recreationals or PEDs... it seems a little hit and miss depending where you are and who you play for.

    Ah brother I feel ya, just about managing a bit of resistance training but need to squat and dead ASAP. Don't know about you but seem to have started running way more than I would normally, hit 25km two weeks ago, going mad haha.

    Ahh mate a number of things, clen, tren, HGH, primobolan.... Two were done for "multiple substances", they had been using HGH so I'm not sure if that came up on their results?
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