How you guys feel about this rep scheme and sets

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by 350lift, Nov 23, 2019.

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    I do one warm up sets to get fired up and make the mind muscle connection easier by getting a tiny pump

    then three sets of 7-10 reps of the heaviest I can do

    then pyramid down two sets after and make each set 12 reps and make sure by the last rep it’s the last I can do by full squeezing and strict form

    aim to get a rounded strength hypertrophy approach through this
  2. johntt44

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    Sounds like it would work. Heavy sets and pump sets.
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  3. I'd drop the reps down to the 3-5 range for straight strength. Maybe up the hypertrophy sets up to 15-20. That's up to you though.
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  4. 350lift

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    Yeah I figured I’d keep it like this to try to hit both a bit. I’ll see how it goes
  5. jJjburton

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    hypertrophy happens in the 8-12 rep ranges.
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    Yeah I know
  7. Screamsofnoreply

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    Make sure you warm up properly, just one set then jumping into heavy working sets is not a good idea esp in winter.

    Hypertrophy is not about reps, it is about time under tension so about 40-45 seconds a set. Typically for most people 12-15 reps fits this criteria, it all depends on rep speed.
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    Exactly, this is why I never put a number on the amount of reps I do. Every set is controlled tempo and to failure or very to failure. Even if it's just 135 on the bench, if I can get 35 reps then I will do so. Your muscles don't know shit about the weight you're using. Push hard and go to failure and get a sick pump doing it. High reps pyramiding up in weight until short of 10 reps. I don't even count sets either, just keep going and going until I can't get 10.
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  9. Think OP caught himself a temp ban.

    Can't auto tag him. Was wondering why it's been so quiet around here the past few days.
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    I was wondering where he was at too. Do you know what post it was that gave him the ban hammer?
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  11. i think it was probably due to the 5 or 6 rage posts after @Cornfed said don't get your panties in a bunch.
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    Bring 350lift back from banishment!
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    Pristine Anabolics Intro

    Am gonna start reading here. Quite interested in what happened since Millard typically won't ban except for threatening of one's life or something really bad.
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    Lmao. Good times
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    Oic now.