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    I've avoided joining this page for a long long time, because once upon a time I was in a leadership role at the old steroid encyclopaedia; and I lost a taste for large boards after that.

    This place, and the people in it, gotta say; pretty kick ass. Drama kept to a minimum, and f'ing brains to go with the brawn.

    As for myself, I'm a very old school MMA guy, having had my first fight in 93. 37 years in the martial arts, I still teach Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai, and Kali from time to time. My lifting has always been a supplement to provide on the mat performance. I'm a huge fan of bodyweight training, kettlebelles, Bulgarian Bag, squats and dead lifts.

    My supplementation has also been towards on the mat performance. Back in the day on SE, guidance on such things was one of my specialties.

    I'm here to find like minded individuals, and to get a clue on power lifting. For some reason, I've got a bug to train the big three, and take a crack at a competition. I love martial arts comps, and still participate in grappling, and the random Muay Thai and Boxing match from time to time. Powerlifting meets, seem like a new way to enjoy competition, as well as being real to myself.

    So... Nice to "meet" ya'll!
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