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    I've been browsing several BB/AAS forums over the past few months but have always found myself coming back to Meso. I'm consistently impressed by the breadth and depth of knowledge you members display as well as the sense of community y'all maintain. I'm here to learn and enjoy hearing of your experiences. Would be great to acquire the skills to make some informed contributions to various conversations but that will be a long time coming. In the meantime please be patient be if I ask a question that seems especially daft. I'll do my best to avoid that.

    I began TRT two years ago at age 46 at a baseline TT of 625. Guess I hoped to turn the clock back 10 years and fortunately have been amazed by how much better I feel physically and mentally. On 200mg test c I average TT 1200, FT 25 and E2 30. No AI or hcg. I'm 5'9", 170#, and BF 12%(?). Use traditional 5x5 training 3x/wk with some isolation work I switch up every 2 months or so. On a good day Bench 195#, Squat 265# and DL 335#.

    I've never focused on being big but now would like to add 20# of lean muscle over the next year. Not sure how that translates into strength gain but goal a 15% increase in those lift numbers over next 6 months seems like a reasonable start. Plan is obviously to ramp up intensity in the gym and improve focus on my diet. Depending on my progress may consider increasing the test c to 500mg for 12 weeks starting in October. I don't see a downside since I'm already on TRT as long as I stay on top of my labs. Guess that's all part of what I'm here to learn though.

    Probably TMI so thanks for reading. Appreciate the opportunity to be here.
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    Careful with the cruise, my friend... You're not doing replacement therapy.
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    I see your point and you are correct. I haven't been thinking of my test usage that way since my doc and I have to refer to it as TRT for medico-legal and insurance reasons. I'll stay on top of it. Thanks, Eman, for the reminder and the welcome.
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    Welcome to Meso.

    Went on TRT when your level was at 625. Why?
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    Appreciate it bud.
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    Thanks for the welcome.

    My decision to begin test treatment came after a long time of consideration. Over the course of 3 years I went through a divorce and 5 deaths among family and friends. Eventually nothing (tried 3 types of talk therapy and around 10 meds) could lift my mood and my overall health began to slide. Elevating my T level to at least top of normal range was kind of a Hail Mary pass with the hope boosting my physical health would boost my mood as well. That's why I think of it as turning the clock back 10 years. Thankfully it worked. Was a great choice for me but I don't advocate every guy in their mid 40s start pinning test.
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    Thanks Michael7