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    New here but not to the boards....I started on some of the old school ones 15 years ago..walked away for a while to raise kids and get married...I miss the info and the comradery on the boards..thanks for having me
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    Thanks, I appreciate it
  5. Welcome. It would be nice to hear if you recall how philosophy has changed if any regarding use and doses of AAS over the years.
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    Welcome back to the dark side
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    Sure..I remember most of what I had learned back then, not that old yet.
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    Welcome to meso.
  9. Well, i supposed that is good that you have not forgotten. LOL. I was hoping that you would elaborate on your observations. ;)

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    I'm still kind of cruising around but it looks like you still have first timers freaking out about not gaining weight in the first 3 weeks, gear seems to be a little bit cheaper. The market was a bit high after SSB went down.