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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by tyl, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. tyl

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    Hey everybody, new to training. I usually don't work out but do MMA throughout the week. Figured that was good enough and an excuse not to work out. But now the school's closed and i don't want to get fat.

    My buddy is letting me use his garage in which he's got a heavy bag, row machine, ropes, tires and sledgehammers.

    This is the workout that i made, and was hoping to get some feedback on it.

    5 minutes - Heavy bag work
    burpees x20
    squats w/ 20lb free weight x20
    sledghammer on tire, x40
    leg raises x20
    V situps x20
    diamond pushups x15
    wide pushups x10
    high/low pushups x10
    row machine 5 minutes
    repeat once

  2. Why dont you just stick to what you were doin before? You dont have ppl to roll with?

    better question is why are you running 500mg test if you dont have a strength training program...
  3. Gbro

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    Hi guys. I don't lift or workout. I'm more an aerobics guy. What do you think of my aerobics routine?

    Dude... It's probably great. Why ask us? You would probably destroy anyone of us instantly. We don't know shit about that kind of workout.
  4. tyl

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    I wanted to see how it improved my performance, not expecting to get jacked or anything
  5. tyl

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    Ok, yeah that makes sense, I didn't think to separate body building and aerobic stuff.
  6. Test_Subject

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    Needs more pullups.
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    Repeat it more than once depending on how fit you wanna be. That won't get you competition ready.
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  8. little

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    Add some close grip pull ups as well as various hand positions (overhand underhand) and its a good athletic routine

    In these times we have to just use what we can and for me and a lot of others look toward other forms of training. Took a lot for me to get that heavy or nothing shit out my head and buy some bands...

    No virus gonna get me to stay down
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  9. tyl

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    Hell yeah. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. tyl

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    I'll work some pullups in there. Feelin good!
  11. Barny

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    Looks really good, may borrow some of that for some "lockdown" sessions.

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