HPLC/MS Analysis on 2nd batch of 9 Samples *RESULTS* (ADC Tested)

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    With out further adieu here are the results many of you mesonites have been patiently waiting for. I want to once again thank the community for bearing with me through this long over due process. I am greatful to be able to do this for the community thanks for the unwaivering trust you guys had in me thoughout this process.

    Here is a key to the nine samples that were tested in this batch.

    Sample 1 - Unknown Test C powder
    Sample 2 - Unknown Anavar powder
    Sample 3 - Unknown Test C powder
    Sample 4 - Unknown Test E powder
    Sample 5 - PLN Test E powder
    Sample 6 - Sedge Test E powder
    Sample 7 - All Day Chemist cabergoline
    Sample 8 - All Day Chemist Anastrozole (results being rerun)
    Sample 9 - All Day Chemist clomid

    I will be privatly notifying all who sent in samples what sample in the key is theirs. If they so wish to disclose the brand or other info on the sample that is up to them. I would hope that if information is disclosed it is done in this thread to keep the info in here meaningful.

    Here is a guide that the scientist sent along with the slides below.

    "I am sorry that this took so long!. I was going to send the results last night but realized that I needed to say something about the testosterone peaks that kept showing up on the chromatograms. Basically it took me very long because I had keep replacing columns as the cabergoline and clomiphene kept getting stuck in the columns (2) and distorted the results for the other samples.

    The first pdf has the slides of LC-MS results. The first slide has the injections of 4 standards, with clomiphene not included. I can add that if you want met to. The other slides have the individual samples, and they are all the compounds that you indicated in your request. Since most of the early samples show testosterone on the LC-MS, I also did the integration using the UV-vis chromatograms of the peaks at 243 nm with retention timesat 12.7-30 min. The amounts are indicated on the last slide; there is not much testosterone (<1% of the active compound).

    Oxandrolone (slide 3) has the same retention time as testosterone, however the peak at the bottom is not really testosterone but the result of a transition that is shared by the 2 compounds, consistent with the UV/vis results (Sample 2). Also clomiphene (slide 10) shows some anastrozole, which like testosterone, is coming from carryover. I know this because there is not significant absorption peak at 263 nm in the UV-vis chromatogram of Sample 9 with retention time of 10 min. Attached are the results. I look forward to hear your response.

    I should have gotten back to you earlier. For samples 7 and 8 since they were a single tablet each the analysis is for 100% of the samples. Therefore the total mg shown in the table is the total amount of the active compounds (cabergoline and anastrozol). For clomiphene I weighed the rest of the tablet so the total weight is ~ 290mg at 21.6% of clomiphene yields 62.6 mg of active compound. I apologize about the delay."

    Screenshot_1.png Screenshot_2.png Screenshot_3.png Screenshot_4.png Screenshot_5.png Screenshot_6.png Screenshot_7.png Screenshot_8.png Screenshot_9.png Screenshot_10.png

    Summary Of Results
    This was the second batch of samples i have run with this lab. They do great work. I am currently having the adex from adc retested. According to the results of the analysis its 12.8~mg per tab. That is a huge outlier as the pill is suggested at 1mg per pill. The ADC caber is on target with the label suggesting .5mg per pill and the analysis coming in at .44mg per pill. Making this caber a diamond in the rough imo stock up boys. The lable on the clomid is suggesting its 100mg per tab the analysis came back at 62.64mg per pill. Not what you paid for but knowing this information it will get your nuts back on track. It seems that most powder sources are complete trash with only a a few coming back at slightly over 50%~ purity. That Anavar is trash.

    For any of the people who sent in a sample and are interesed i have detailed information print outs that i have no understanding of for each sample.

    I would like to start thinking about getting a third batch in. I would like to get more Research chems tested from companies we frequently give our business to. I would also like to have 15 to 20 samples in this next batch.
    Here is a list of compounds I have ref standards for and will test:
    Clomiphene Citrate
    I can only test items on this list. With out a refrence standard labs like this are usless.

    Here is a link to the previous batch of samples i had run. The information in here is also valuable to any who might have missed it.
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    Shit I'm gonna stock up on the adex. 1 pill should get me through a couple cycles. Lol
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    all involved parties have been notified of the results now.
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    Damn powder sources can't even get testosterone right. Makes me wonder about all the other compounds and what purity they would be. All these new UGLs popping up who probably don't even have a reliable raw source most likely use one of these unknown raw sources.
  5. Let's be real we have access to the same raw providers the ugls do. So this explains why they're are putting out trash. But fuck test is trash I guarantee if you asked the China man he'd show you a hplc of 99+% smh
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    Yet some are amazed and appalled at the skepticism displayed on Meso....
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    About time!!!!!

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    thanks Captain, guess 50 percent is the best you can hope for with the powders. I really appreciate the effort
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    I'm actually considering brewing the PLN raws at 50% purity with double the concentration. At least I will know what's in it and why there is pip.

    Ooh, or I can mix the Steroid Edge crap with the PLN crap to get 40% purity at 2.5 times concentration!
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    i think the double concentration is a good call. you will know what you are getting as long as your ass can handle the pip.
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    Heh, I'm pretty sure some of the stuff I got from UGLs had concentrations a lot higher than that.
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    Just mix in a small about of EO
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    I have a correction to make sample 4 was not a powder it was a finished prod.

    here is a quote from the scientist about the sample.

    "Sample #4 was liquid. I used 100 uL (100mg) for the analysis. I can measure the volume if you need to.I am surprised that it is labeled 300 mg/mL (30%). I found out it was 10 %."

    Sorry for the mixup
  14. Thanks for your efforts @Capt Forest.

    It's a little discouraging to see these results. It makes me wonder what we are actually getting when buying fromt these UGL's. They take a powder that say is 40%, they dose 10mil with .8g and now the consumer ends up with a vail of test that is at best 32% of the stated concentration per mil.

    What a joke.
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    I have some exemestane and anastrozole from extreme peptides that I was wondering how it would test out.
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    I'll give it a go. Lol
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    Thank you for testing!
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    OK, I am trying to decipher this informaton. Is the top graph the sample and the bottom the standard? Sample # 2 looks almost spot on but it shows 11-12%?

    My last sample I sent in (Another lab) from the same supplier the test was 92% (this one say's 55%) and the Oxandrolone was 82%(this one 11-12?). Not saying it's not possible but a little confused...

    Any insight?

    Why the hell does this have to be so fucking difficult? If a man can go to a doctor and say "cut of my penis, pump me full of estrogen and give me breast implants" Oh sure, no problem... We want some damn testosterone and we have to go to the underground to get it! WTF?

    Women have the right to "do what the want to there own bodies" but we can't?

    Thats is fucked up!!


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    That's always a concern...
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