HPLC/MS Analysis on Various Substances *RESULTS*

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    Here is a key so that you will know which sample corresponds to what product i sent in. Some of the samples are not public and i was never made aware of the brand so i am not able to list it. But the analysis will be up for viewing.

    Sample 1 - Legend Anavar lot 201404025
    Sample 2 - Legend Anavar lot 201407025
    Sample 3 - Purity Source labs Anavar
    Sample 4 - Swole oil Anavar (10mg pill)
    Sample 5 - Legend clomid (GKH)
    Sample 6 - Test enanthate
    Sample 7 - World Pharma Test prop
    Sample 8 - Test prop
    Sample 9 - MJR Caber
    Sample 10 - Maximum Peptide t3
    Sample 11 - MJR t3/t4 combo
    Sample 12 - MJR exemestane

    Here is a slide by slide walk walk through that the scientist who performed the analysis gave me. Its a 19 page report.

    "The pdf of the powerpoint slides has the chromatograms for the mass spec runs (examples). I will walk you through those: The first slide shows injections of testosterone and Oxandrolone Standards, eluting at ~17 min. Slide 2 shows the chromatograms for samples 1 to 4, showing the expected peaks for oxandrolone for each sample. I prepared 2 replicate samples for each sample that you provided. Slide 3 shows the results for clomiphene citrate. Samples 1 to 5 were triturated and extracted into chloroform or ethyl acetate/methanol (for sample 5) to extract the active compounds. For samples 6 to 12 I diluted them about 100 fold into ethyl acetate. Slides 4 and 5 show the results for Sample 6A and 6B. The main component is the enanthate, but there is a bit of the propionate which is hard to quantitate, and some testosterone, also in small amounts. I can send the HPLC chromatography for samples 6 to 8 if you are interested in seeing the absorption peaks. Slides 6 to 9 show the chromatograms for samples 7A, 7B, 8A and 8B. Notice that there is some "free" testosterone in these samples, also hard to quantify, and that the peak for the propionate does produce some testosterone in the spectrometer, which has no effect on the analysis. Slides 10 and 11 are for sample 9, showing NO cabergoline present, but some exemestane is observed and it was quantificated, based on the external calibration curve. The slides number 12 to 15 show that there is not much T3 or T4 (thyroxine) in samples10 and 11, but still could be quantified. I did notice that T4 tends to degrade into T3 from my standards, but those were prepared in water solutions, unlike the samples that you sent which should be more stable. Slides 16 and 17 are for the exemestane sample, it is present as the main component in large amounts in sample 12.

    Finally slide 18 shows the summary of the HPLC quantification for samples 6 to 8, using HPLC with UV detection with testosterone as a standard. I performed 2 injections for each sample and 2 dilutions for each sample. I had to repeat sample 6 as one of the dilutions showed too much compound (6B) for some reason, and which should be neglected. The elution times agree with the LC-MS results, so the peaks were assigned according to what I observed in those chromatograms. The final numbers are shown in yellow. The last slide has the summary of all the results in the last column shown in pink. For the tablets the results are total mg per tablet, while for the liquid samples they are shown in mg/mL."

    This was the first batch of tests ran. There is another in the works atm. If anyone is interseted in having anything tested send me a pm. Here is a list of items i have refrence standards for from sigma alderich. I can only test items on this list. With out a refrence standard labs like this are usless.
    Clomiphene Citrate

    I would like to get more RC chems checked out that way we can as a community narrow down some good stuff. As you can see MJR fucked me on the caber and asin but came through on the t3.

    slide 1 of 19.png slide 2 of 19.png slide 3 of 19.png slide 4 of 19.png slide 5 of 19.png slide 6 of 19.png slide 7 of 19.png slide 8 of 19.png slide 9 of 19.png slide 10 of 19.png

    PS. I am aware that the scientist spelled oxandrolone wrong in the reports.
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    What MG were the Var tabs for Legend and Purity? 10 as well?
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    its listed unless you are asking what the label has is listed as.

    In that case all were 10mg per pill.

    I know that many say good var is hard to find but from my testing its all pretty much the same and its all var. Lab max it to make sure then chances are its just 50% purity.
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    Didn't MJR sell Prami as Caber a few months back? that Caber is too expensive for the real deal I guess.
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    Yeah there was a problem with his caber earily last year. It was like a nolva prami combo or something. Regardless now its asin.
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    Capt. I'm sure you've put lots of time and money into this. Thanks for your work and $$$
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    Thanks for posting Capt. I guess the silver lining here is that you at least know it does contain real Anavar, and you can double up.
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    Thanks for this contribution capt... That's a lot of work man
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    Thanks alot Captain. How do I interpret the mg/ml of the test. ie, what does that translate to in terms of the actual purity versus what it says on the label
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    Thanks Capt Forest! Even though it's creating more questions rather than providing answers when comparing to my blood tests.

    It was a good exercise. Thanks again for coming through.
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    Thanks alot Capt. Good job. You're efforts are much appreciated
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    Pardon my ignorance, but are the results saying that all the Test samples are pretty much junk?
    It would be nice to know the lab, so I don't waste my money on them.
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    Well, based on the results of this data and my bloods. The test prop got me to 45x! Sooo yeah, there's a lot going on and the results only convolute things more. Maybe we should go back to feeling, mirror and performance to gauge if the gear is good. Damn you science!
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    Doesn't the graphs say the test looks great? Purity seems ok for ug, and the amount is similar to the ref sample. Am I reading this wrong? What are the dirtpeaks between 19 and 22 in 8A?

    Please op dumb it down for us!
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    I can't really break it down. I can relay your questions to the scientist if necessary.
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    There used to be a professional lab in the US that performed these tests for a fee. They were commonly used by the community, pre ORD. Unfortunately, the government raided them and forced them to discontinue testing any controlled substances.

    Capt. Forest, would this scientist consider testing samples from others? Perhaps for a fee? It's certainly much more helpful than Labmax tests. It's all well and good that you have testosterone enanthate, but if it's 50mgs/ml instead of 250mgs/ml, it's absolute garbage.
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    In regards to the t3,
    Isn't it only suppose to show a small amount considering a whole ml of liquid only contains 100mcg of actual t3 based on the labeling?
    Also surprised a good amount of stane showed up in mjr sample, usually stane is bunk
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    I've just re-read these and see that all of your testosterone samples were almost non existent. Now, I'm not familiar with any of the labs you listed, but why would anyone dose testosterone enanthate at 25mgs/ml or test prop at 10mgs/ml? The powder is cheap as it is and the markup for a UGL is HUGE.

    I'm making no accusations, but is it possible your friend is a student and perhaps not performing the tests accurately?
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    He is not my friend. We connected though a network of scientist. He is not a student, he is a well educated man. I can post the education history for you.

    Here is more information about the tests he ran.

    "The tablets were ground to a powder and extracted with 5.0 mL of HPLC grade Chloroform. The entire sample was transfered into glass centrifugation vials and washed with 2.0 mL of water 3 times. The Chloroform layer was separated and 200 microliters was used for injection into the LC-MS or LC-DAD system. The HPLC was operated using a 2.1 x 50 mm Hypersil Column from Thermo Scientific with a 1.9 um particle size at a flow of 200 uL/min, using a gradient from 2% to 98% MeOH in water over 15 min, followed by 5 min 98% MeOH hold, followed by 5 min 2% MeOH re equilibration. The MRM transitions were the ones shown in the slides I sent. The parameters for the ion source were optimized with a s olution of testosterone in acetonitrile (1mg/mL) diluted 100 fold into ethyl acetate. The same solution was used for calibration of the HPLC with monitoring at 243 nm for the conjugated carbonyl group by DAD detection. The time collection parameters for the MRM experiments were CE=30, TEM=350, GS1=GS2=50;CUR=30;DP=60. These parameters are for the ABSCiex QTrap4000 that I have. They are probably different for other instruments and obviously different for the controlled substances, but remember my quantification came from the HPLC, not the MS detection, which was used for confirmation of authenticity.

    The liquid samples were diluted 100-fold into ethyl acetate and injected as such. The samples and standard were maintained at 4C throughout the runs
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    once again capt, thanks for doing this