[HPLC] Pharmacom Deca 600mg (high dosage gear) - December

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Sampei, Mar 18, 2016.

  1. Sampei

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    Have fun!


  2. Melly Mel from hell

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    Nice. Thanks brother.
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  3. RThoads

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    thank you
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  4. crossfitisgay

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    Sampei comin thru with the official shit. Thanks for this and the others posted
  5. Trapmonster

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    Slightly underdosed ey?
  6. Whoremoans

    Whoremoans Member

    I think those are phenomenal results. I mean 600mg/ml? That's pretty damn close.
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  7. Trapmonster

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    It is, but considering their other high mg products have been overdosed I would have like to see a little over 600

    Edit: or at least 600mg
  8. Whoremoans

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    I'm just happy to see its within 96% of the label claimed dosage.
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  9. rpbb

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    Thanks Sampei
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  10. Inspector

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    Thank you for the test :)
  11. rugerjitsu

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    Thanks man!
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  12. jayb

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    Does running gear that heavy come with a lot of pip? Never ran deca over 300. Which was probably closer to 250
  13. Trapmonster

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    I would mix it with 50mg test cyp watson so 1/4 with 1/4 ml deca(150mg) almost no pip
  14. Tren Warrior

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    Nice !
  15. Dw725

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    Thanks for testing
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  16. opti

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    Well within the +/-10% of the labeled claim.
  17. iintensity

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    Is 600 mg/ml painful?
  18. Sampei

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    A friend of mine bought one test E 500 and one deca 600.

    He has been using gear for more then 10 years. He is not a noob at this game... Well he had thrown the vials away after 4 pins ahahahhaha! Couldn't walk, couldn't lift his arm, got the "test flu" so hard he couldn't lift for two days after every shots. Then there are members here saying its pipless if diluted.

    Frank always said that it's for very experienced users and it needs 10-15 pins to the body to get accustomed.

    Unless you need to inject very high volume of oil and then you want to cut back on the total ml I would not consider using high mg gear.

    I did these test only because I was really curious if Pharmacom had that shit correct.

    We should send the results to rich piano! He made a fucking video on YouTube saying its impossible to have gear higher then 300mg LOL
  19. Dw725

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    I remember that video. Thought he was full of shit then when he said something like it was chemically impossible.
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  20. @Sampei , thanks for testing this. I've been using this with little to no PIP, curious about the actual concentration possibility - looks pretty close to me. Thanks again for testing.
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