[HPLC] Pharmacom "Dianabolos 10" Dianabol 10mg Tabs (methandrostenolone/methandienone) 17-NOV-2015

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  1. RThoads

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    Simec HPLC analysis results on the Dbol are here!

    HPLC shows it is 9.96mg Dianabol (methandienone) in each tablet.

    Let me state I have zero affiliation with this or any other source and as such I have no way to know the quality of one batch to another -- by this I mean I am not making any criticisms or recommendations for this or any other source; you must make your own conclusions and I have no way to predict how any future batch, purchase, or individual experience will turn out. Please respect these facts.

    HPLC result:

    Link to related LabMax (same exact box/blister-pack was used):

    product was from Frank

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  2. crossfitisgay

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    nail in that coffin
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  3. rpbb

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    yeah, the guys that said they were running a 100 mg and not feeling anything ought to go have their livers checked
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  4. bickel29

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    Wait a minute - do we know they were using the same batch?

    Trust me, I certainly believe that we have some guys who make unjust claims about gear they are running - but by your logic, are we supposed to consider every dbol tablet ever made by Pharmacom to be good?

    Or did I miss some pertinent info regarding this batch and those claimants?
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  5. njackson57

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    What was your batch number rt?
  6. Wunderpus

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    Looks like the LM Dbol test is pretty solid. Obviously one test can't confirm that, though.

    @bickel29 with their "batch #'s" who knows?! I never trust UGL's and their batch #'s
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  7. rpbb

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    you're right.
  8. RThoads

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    for what it is worth (see @Wunderpus comment which I agree) the batch is listed on the Simec result -- it is batch BYA7761
  9. Wunderpus

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    Still coordinating payment with Darius for the Simec testing of his Test E which tested as test cyp. on labmax. I will let you know when I have a rough ETA on that.

    RT, how long did it take for simec to receive, test and send results (roughly)?
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  10. Mofotyler

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    Well mine came from around the time others had issues. I Ran it @80ed never ran dbol that high. Had worse pumps @50 on others.
  11. RThoads

    RThoads Member

    approximately 3 weeks T/A on this one.
    I have one more to do and if it gets done before yours I will PM you and let you know the T/A on that as well.
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  12. Pharmacom Labs

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    not so bad result...
    thanks again RT! Unfortunately Simec delays testing last weeks.
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  13. Wunderpus

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    Worth waiting for. Both you and Darius have impressed me with your testing policies, thank you for that.
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  14. Pharmacom Labs

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    it`s because we really have nothing to hide. any product can be tested by anyone.
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  15. MCFC

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    Nice I've been waiting on this one. Thanks a lot RT for doing this as I have the same batch.
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  16. Millard Baker

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  17. RThoads

    RThoads Member

    Looking forward to all these results!
    We will have so much good data and information -- thank you.
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  18. Millard Baker

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    Thank you! The more tests, the better!
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  19. jackmeoff1

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    Thanks for getting this done baws
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  20. Whoremoans

    Whoremoans Member

    Just got the blister packs of dbol with the same batch number:D:D:D