HPTA recovery Proof? I tried....Dr. Scally???

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  1. blakemcalavy

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    Hi all,
    Its been a long 3 years, close to 4 actually.
    As many I was ignorant to what Steriods could do permanently to me. I was aware of gyno, I was aware of high blood pressure, increase heart rate, acne, aggression, depression, etc. I was not aware of shutting down permanently the HPTA.
    After finding out from a blood test I had low testosterone I began endless research. I had done a cycle that lasted 7 months or so using hcg sometimes in it at 500 iu a week. I did it irresponsibly. I admit. I did it with stupidity.

    As my journey started I seen my local doctor and requested an endocrinologist. He prescribed clomid for 3 months. I did it and just ended up back where I started which was "normal in the relative range". 294 was my last TT. Way to low for a now 28 year old. I got in touch with Dr. Scally. He made me feel confident that I could recover. He suggested 5000iu of Vitamin D and Clomid 25 eod till vitamin D was at optimum levels. I did as he suggested.

    A month later after my last dose of clomid, but still taking 5000iu of Vitamin D, I still fell very short. Take note I was off steriods for 10 months before I discovered I had very low T. I was 24-25 years old.

    I researched endlessly to find a success story to move forward with Scally's HPTA restart protocol. And let me re-assure you I can find anything on the internet. I had hoped it would at least work considering my age and my lifestyle of healthy diet and fitness. But failing to find a success story I gave up and started TRT. I was tired of feeling terrible and weak. Embarassed by my sex life was the worst.

    My point here, I do not doubt Dr. Scally's intelligence. I am grateful actually. What I am asking for is 1 true success story. Just one story of a true shutdown and true recovery of HPTA to reveal himself and provide solid evidence because I have settled in for the long run of TRT.

    Dr. Scally, please feel free to jump in and shed some light if need be.

    Thank you everyone.
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  2. did you try power protocol?
  3. blakemcalavy

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    I did not bother because I have not seen solid evidence of a success. Show me one please. And I am not talking about a lab experiment on paper. I want a person. Living, Breathing, Human being who has reported his success. I have read endless forums... Never one.
  4. srry to hear bro, doesnt hurt to try
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  5. blakemcalavy

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    I have the hcg, clomid, and nolva to try it right now.... I would be wasting what ..~$500.... to fall back to low T.
  6. Sean Taylor

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    I tried the power pct, and it didnt work for me. spent about 500-600 bucks too now im probably gonna just have to do trt for the rest of my life. i wish i never touched gear not worth it in the long run and grand scheme of things
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  7. B Easy

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    Google "hpta restart", second option down from the top is a post on steroidology titled "hpta restart success! This may be helpful to someone" lol. In the post he outlines his full story (ran tren and test for 6 months without hcg or proper pct), he completely outlines his pct protocol that was successful for him. Took me 2 seconds to find it so im guessing there are more cases of success out there waiting to be found. Hope it helps you out.
  8. George1989

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    I have tried 3 restart protocols so far.
    I had an increase in my test from 180 to 400 first time then it fall again to 300 and stayed there. I am 25 years old. Now i am on Trt for life probably.

    I have friends a lot of them that have took huge number of steroids for years and just recover without doing nothing

    I made only one cycle with Anavar and test and never recover before 2 years
  9. kaizoku

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    WTF? ~$500?!

    All three of those are cheap unless you absolutely have to have pharm grade.
    I recovered from my last cycle just fine using Indian pharmacy stuff.
    6x 5000iu of zyHCG is ~$80 and mine tested + on a pregnancy test.
  10. even pharm gade u can get all for 200 bucks....
  11. what have u tried bro
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  12. Dr JIM

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    That's so unusual bc even wo pct recovery occurs, it just takes longer. When I hear testimonials like yours the cause is relatively straightforward, BASELINE LABS WERE NEVER OBTAINED searching for a relatively low TT level and a comparatively HIGH LH.

    It's anecdotal at this point, but I've found folk that fit that bill do NOT restore their HTPA with the relative ease of most mates less than 30 years. (I suggest those folks NOT cycle at all less risk a lifetime of TRT!!!)

    It's a damn shame this type of research has never been conducted and it's quite unlikely it ever will!
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  13. George1989

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    First time i tried hcg 1500 iu hcg eod for 16 days with nolvadex for 45 days.
    Testo from 200 went 400.

    Second time i tried 1500iu hcg e3d with aromasin and nolvadex for 1 month then i stopped from aromasin and hcg and continue with nolvadex only for one more month.

    Testo from 180 went 450

    And third and last time 1500iu eod hcg
    with aromasin for one month make blood test before i stop and my test were 900 ( 300-1500 limits).
    I stopped and started nolva 20 mg and clomid 25 ed for 40 days. I stopped i made blood test after 4 weeks and i fall again to 360 testo.
  14. George1989

    George1989 Junior Member

    Now i am taking 250mg test e with 250iu x2 hcg e7d with one aromasin 25mg the day of testo shot.

    17 days i am doing this and still feel like shit. I am just waiting when i am going to feel something.

    I have heard that test e makes 4 - 6 weeks to feel something.

    Also i am taking some proviron for libido only.
  15. DirtyRandy

    DirtyRandy Member

    I get that your bummed out about being on trt at your age but you need to look on the brightside of things. I'm 27 with lower test levels than you and I am just now trying test to see how it improves my life. I'm glad your trying to restart your own because you should, but everyone is different so you can't expect the same results as someone else.
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  16. Dr JIM

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    Go see a PHYSICIAN preferably an Endo for an opinion besides your own!
  17. George1989

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    I went to an endo and he told to start trt 250mg test e every 14 days and hcg every week 500iu
  18. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    I stand corrected but do YOU believe that form of therapy will aid HTPA recovery?

    Oh and get over this idea TRT at 250mg week will make you "feel" less like shit, bc I suspect there is a lot more to your story than is being revealed.
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  19. George1989

    George1989 Junior Member

    I tried therapy with hcg nolvadex clomid for two years almost.
    Honestly i dont know what can and if my htpa can be recovered.
  20. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    You are missing the point.

    Bc a "TRT" dosage of 250mg/wk should generate a peak TT level approximating 2k ng/DL yet you STILL FEELING LIKE SHIT, then TT or HTPA recovery is NOT your problem!!!
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