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    I am 30yr old male, 180lbs, <8%BF, 6'2" and have been taking 50mg of test cypionate weekly for the last year and 4 months. I have not been taking hcg at all during the duration of therapy. I am interested in stopping therapy and beginning recovery. Currently on hand, I do have HCG 5,000IU/vial, 50mg clomid, 20mg nolva, and 0.25mg of cabergoline. I've seen a lot of conflicting opinions on whether to start hcg during, start last 3wks of cycle, start pct. For my individual case, what would be the correct amount to use, when, and when to stop. Also when to begin the clomid and nolva. Thanks for any advice given and is appreciated.
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    Do you have labs?
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    I will be getting updated labs on Feb 6th. The labs I had last are from Aug 21, 2013 and are as followed:

    BMP all within reference range (WRR).
    CBC all WRR
    Lipid profile all WRR
    Thyroid panel:
    • TSH 1.520uIU/mL WRR
    • T4 9.1ug/dL WRR
    • t3 35% WRR
    • Free thyroxine index 3.2 WRR
    testosterone, Serum 698ng/dL WRR
    Free Testosterone 14.4pg/mL WRR

    prolactin 9.9ng/mL WRR

    I will be getting labs again on feb 6th for test, estradiol, lh/fsh, thyroid panel, cbc, bmp, and lipid panel

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    Your labs are not enough. will was better to know your labs without testo. you can try hcg with clomid and nolva and after 15 days take labs to see if your testicles response. there is not correct dose of hcg it depends from you. my personal opinion is to run at least one month.