HSt on a cycle.

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by ipfan1, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. ipfan1

    ipfan1 Junior Member

    Has anyone ever used HST while on a bulking cycle? What were your results compared to other training methods??
  2. armsports

    armsports Junior Member

    I'm just finishing week one now but I'll keep you updated.
  3. BigLibby

    BigLibby Junior Member

    bump that's my next coures of action
  4. PipeDreams

    PipeDreams Junior Member

    i didn't realize it until i thought about it yesterday, but ive been on HSt for over a year. I would say the results are comparable to other training methods, but your not as sore during the week. the thing about hst is you can tweek it some, if anyone has any questions feel free to pm me. i think bryan also has a site about it.
  5. armsports

    armsports Junior Member

    I'm just finishing week 2 and can't wait to get to the damn 10's! I've modified it into a 6-day/wk program splitting my body in half. I'm also doing 3 working sets per exercise so the volume is probably higher than ideal, but I was coming off some high volume training and worried about losing a lot of size. We'll see how it goes since this is my first time trying it there is a little trial and error involved. I trained 2 people on it this fall using the standard 3-day/wk program and 2 sets per exercise and they got great results.
  6. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Member

    If you are on cycle, be very careful of your strength increases. HST is designed for size but works very well for strength if you are cycling. Do not push it to your real RMs, you seriously increase the risk of major injury if you do. Just ask Hogg about his pec tear.