Humasource Pharma / Ming Labs - Bunk lab???

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    searched the internet never found any info on this lab..first thing i noticed was the labels were not straight(not a big deal being a ugl). Next thing was that all the vials are filled unevenly hard to see but one was about 10ml the other 8.5ml, etc... Next is that is has a NDC code, punched in the #'s no luck. Also the vials are brown, not clear- possible hiding impurities??...I am no expert so any input would be greatly appreciated, i'm beginning to accept the fact that it was bunk or underdosed. Thanks
  2. Gotta love the wannabe pharma labels.

    Would have been a good idea to do all that research prior to your purchase, but that ship has sailed, so i won't give you shit for that. It would be kinda pointless.

    You really have 3 options.

    1). Hope someone that's used this same gear comes across this thread and can put your mind at ease with some recent positive feedback.

    2). Have it tested. Not the easiest thing to accomplish at the moment, but still doable if you have the time and money.

    3). Run it and find out. Of course, if you go this route, i would inspect the filled syringe with a fine eye every single time. You're still taking chances though.

    You're pretty much caught between a rock and a hard place on this one. Best of luck with your decision.
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    @MisterSuperGod...Thanks man... I actually did run it, but stopped after 8 weeks....I took 50mg dbol for 30 days, along with 600mg test e every mon and thurs...I did not pull any bloods, unfortunately where i'm located it is very hard to get tested. You need a doctors order that is listed in their system.
    With the dbol no sides..backpumps, bloat, lethargy, weight gain, strength gain. So I chalked it up as bunk..As far as the test e same, no increased strength, weight, libido, energy etc...The only damn side i got was acne on my back and shoulders and lots of it like never before, also noted skin is oily at times..Thats what confuses me, could the oily skin/acne be from the bunk oils that were in the vial??..Maybe I was shooting olive oil or something..I understand that it is not a miracle drug and maybe my diet, training etc was not 100%...But with dbol and test e the only side I got was acne...Luckily I did not run my anti-e, since it is pharm grade with this bunk stuff..
    I'm not mad just a little disappointed, I know nothing is a guarantee when I deal in this realm...
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    Don't ever purchase brown vials. Theres a reason they are.brown. when I brew I use clear, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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    Screw Chinese made products. I don’t trust anything coming from there never mind injectables.
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    Lol. You're kidding, right? Where do you think all the raws come from? Switzerland?
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    Greaaattt. I ‘assumed’ the reliable and good sources were made in some eastern European country or somewhere in turkey.

    I def know anything is made in China. I assumed the junk stuff came from there.

    Man this really has me thinking now. I don’t trust that part of the world. They manufacture all types of synthetics and chemicals with no regulation. Sure, you may have a pure test or a deca that tests 99% but what else is there? What facility was it made in? What contamination found its way in there because their making 100 other products in the same place?
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    I second that @ickyrica. Always clear vials.
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    you really need to do some more research of china..
    There is a reason why they are the largest export and Trading County of the World.
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    Don’t know why the thread was bumped but I’ll say for the new people, don’t Evers buy anting in a brown vial. If it’s not clear do not buy it.
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  11. Best raws are combining from China and India end of the discussion just because labels ain’t straight and vials aren’t filled correctly and there brown doesn’t mean shit. Any1 here who is old skoool knows that. Example: denkall,pets pharma,,animal power,pinnacle, Hell Fire knows what I’m talking about some of the best labs around back in the day.100% just shoot the gear best of luck.