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    OK, I am going to pull the trigger on a 24mg pen of Humatrope which I plan to use @ 2iu a day. I have a PDF from Lilly that says you should use all 72iu within 15 days. But I saw on Pfizer's website that Norditropin pens can be used for 5-6 weeks. Which one is correct? Can I use one Humatrope pen over a month?
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    Ideally you should follow the manufactures instructions BUT starting at 2iu/day and running GH to reach supra-physiologic IGF levels is not a manufattures recommendation either, so once off the farm there are no definitive or "correct answers"!

    I would opine once reconstituted refrigeration becomes more important as a means of extending the shelf life of polypeptides.
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    Thanks for the info. After doing some research I have found that GH pens like Norditropin and Humatrope should be used within 28 days if kept refrigerated. I am currently using Angtropin 10iu vials and use each vial in 3 days. This seems to work the best when it comes to GH. GH doesn't die or any such nonsense because it isn't alive. Its a polypeptide hormone that loses its potency after being mixed with diluent.
  4. Dr,

    I bought a 36iu Lilly cartridge but don't know how to convert it to correct it dosage with a u100 slin syringe. Can you help?
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    if you buy a sterile vial and buy it with your bacteriostatic or sterile water (I prefer sterile water). You fill the vial with the contents of the pen and then add 3.6 CC's of sterile water.

    10 iu on insulin syringe = 1 IU of hGH
  6. Do we know how much water Lilly puts in the 36iu 12g humatrope pens? I can't find it anywhere and the thing is mixed. I'm just shooting in the dark with my u100 slin pens at what's 2 ius. Anyone know?
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    @Ed Plucker ....put aside your personal preference and suck it up! Bac water will help ensure your gh remains at its full potency longer. Don't believe me? How about the brainiacs at Serono EMD?
    The 5mg and 6mg kits of Serostim that are meant for single use inj come with sterile water.
    The 4mg indicated for multi injections come with bacteriostatic water. Your issue with this is what, exactly?
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    Nothing I do agree that u should use a vial within 2 days of reconstitution. Bacterostaitc water is not required.
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    Didn't want to start a new thread on this topic.

    Anyone have experience with the Lilly 72iu pen?
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    Yes, it is all that I use. Well, sort of. I don't use the actual pen, but I use the cartridge with slin pins. I recommend this over the actual pen as you can lose some quantity messing with the pen.
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    There isn't any actual pen in the humatrope kit. It's really only a mixing actual pin attached to device so will need to use slin pin for injection.

    Quoted from Turkish Pharmacy on page 52 of his thread in Underground:
    Also some clients are disappointed when they receive their orders but Humatropes dont come with smart pen, they come with sterilewater mixer only. Their smart pens are givenout (not sold) seperately and I dont sell themas they are given away for free to users with prescription and cant be sold seperately as when they are given out, a doc comes to your adress to tell you how to use it in detail. (I know it sounds crazy but thats how Lilly doesin most countries including USA)
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    I know they put 3ml of their diluting solution in the 12mg pens.

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    It oxidizes to form derivatives and forms dimers over time, which are less potent than original HGH.

    //EDIT: just now noticed the dates, but decided to leave this up
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    The ones sold on another board are the actual pens. Provided they are real
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    What board do u speak of?
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    Monster labs?
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    I know it's domestic but I can't see paying 550 for it. Drugsgear has it for 500. But can get it even cheaper going international.
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    Thanks. Monster rep mentioned a discount code so would be under $500 further discount on more than one etc.