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    Hey guys/gals. I’ve been browsing for a few weeks. Really impressive crowd for sure.
    I’m not a steroid user (yet) I’ve been weight trying religiously for about a year. 34 years old. 215lbs. 18% body fat. I wanted to give myself a few years before potentially jumping on anything.

    What brought me here was the desperate need to understand the body and properly utilizing steroids. Also I don’t have any local contacts to source the material/gear.

    I was introduced to sarms which does have me interested. But from reading around this forum it doesn’t seem popular.

    I’m hoping to understand all of these online labs and sources. Which are the real deal and which to avoid.

    I find it fascinating that personal use things such as steroids or even marijuana are illegal. These should be legal for personal use. What’s fascinating is people like you or I are taking these things and most people know who is. Your everyday electrician, police officer, school teacher, etc take steroids and it’s obvious and nobody cares. Two things nobody gives a shit about that are illegal are juice and weed. Idk.

    So anyway, looking forward to shooting the shit with everyone. I don’t have much knowledge to offer so I’ll contribute the best I can until I’m brought up to speed.
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    Thanks cowboy
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    Welcome to meso man.
    This forum has all you need and more.
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    Thanks sk8!

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    Welcome. Read and learn young grasshopper.
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    Thanks highrisk. This place is the most active forum I’m on. (The 2nd bodybuilding forum. The other being this sister forum or the lab testing forum. which I’m never on)
    I keep losing where my posts are. Still learning how to navigate.
    But thanks for the reply