Humvee (military Hummer) the most stupid vehicle ever

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    1 No armor
    enemy gunfire was the main cause of death in Irak, not improvised explosives.

    2 Awfully wide
    doesn't fit in third world narrow streets, were most wars are fought

    3 just seating for 4
    some say it was on purpose so they can sell twice as many units
    you can easily get 8 people in a Tahoe, so why in the world just 4 in a Humvee
    Those humps between seats and transmission tunnels are totally unnecessary. All other 4x4s have smaller humps

    4 cramped interior
    narrow seats, low roof that bangs your helmet on bumps

    5 "fastback" rearend
    fastback on a vehicle that can't even reach 100 mph (even 80 mph is pushing it)
    Why not a square end like all other SUVs? You could put all your guns and ammo on the deck, or even sit a couple soldiers (with a taller roof).

    And so on, and so on
    Most stupid vehicle ever.

    Some say the replacement vehicle will be Chevy Tahoe based
    some say truck based
    almost like a 4wd armored cash transport with additional doors and windows, just not that tall.
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    Great post as usual.
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  3. Clearly OP, you know a thing or two about giving hummers, particularly to military folk for some reason. Good for you!
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    I know that for a fact
    I felt insecure AF in humvees when I served abroad.

    Some guys even began to make their own armor.
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    So you "served abroad" but you don't how to spell Iraq? You deploy with the Salvation Army?
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    Case of stolen valor if I've ever seen one... Dude is the epitome of a troll.
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    Pretty sure that's the French spelling. So if he deployed with the French Forces that's not saying much unless the highly untested forces have improved tremendously because from 1940-1960 is a big big blemish on their record.
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    French or Canadian military so that explains a lot.

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    It wasn't Irak
    It wasn't even a war
    just a quick get in, do the job, get out asap op

    Besides not being armored, everyone knows Americans ride in humvees.
    I was paranoid at all people staring at you.

    We then switched to Toyota SUVs like the ones gov't officials ride.
    All people feared them, especially if they were black.
    Glass armor was less than 1 inch. But it wasn't an all out war either, so we felt pretty secure.

    lol @ salvation army
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger drove a black H1, that's enough badassery for me. Kind of ends the conversation in my mind.

    By the way, Stolen Valor should be a felony punishable with jail time. I'm proud of President Bush for passing the Stolen Valor Act in 2005 however it was only a misdemeanor. Remember George Washington stated in 1782 that you should be "severely punished" for Stolen Valor. My Bro George knew his shit.
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    This is interesting

    Level V armor
    Our glass will deafeat one (1) 7.62 Nato M-61 round (850 meters per second) hard core.
    All ceramic armor (Stanag III)

    We use no steel at this level because it would have to be 3/4". This is too much weight for any SUV.

    I believed that half to 3/4 inch steel would stop a 30 round .223 or Kalshnikov 7.62 magazine being fired.
    Maybe it does. But stopping a .308 Win (7.62 NATO) is a different animal than M14s or AK-47s.

    2000s advances
    In 2005 it was reported that U.S. military researchers were developing a class of transparent armor incorporating aluminum oxynitride (ALON) as the outside "strike plate" layer. Traditional glass/polymer was demonstrated by ALON's manufacturer to require 2.3 times more thickness than ALON's, to guard against a .50 BMG projectile.[13] ALON is much lighter and performs much better than traditional glass/polymer laminates. Aluminum oxynitride "glass" can defeat threats like the .50 caliber armor-piercing rounds using material that is not prohibitively heavy.[3] Various types of other materials which closely resemble glass are also being developed.
    Bulletproof glass - Wikipedia

    Bulletproof glass
    As a transparent armor material, ALON provides a bulletproof product with far less weight and thickness than traditional bulletproof glass. It has been dubbed transparent aluminum after a fictional Star Trek material.[11] 1.6" thick ALON armor is capable of stopping .50 BMG armor-piercing rounds, which can penetrate 3.7" of traditional glass laminate.
    Aluminium oxynitride - Wikipedia

    Despite recent technology, an armored humvee replacement would still be heavy AF.
    So it needs to either be high powered and low geared, or be based on truck underpinnings.
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    What war did you fight the first one? all the military vehicles were armored in the new war, it was in the news in my county when they started adding armor to the trucks very early on.
  13. master.on

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    It wasn't a war
    just a quick op

    Was that OEM armor?
    or just "hillbilly armor"
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    I wonder if they'll need to switch to full truck underpinnings to handle the armor weight.

    A Ford F650/750 truck is 96.7 inches wide
    that's even wider than Humvee 86.5" (which is already too wide for narrow third world streets)
    So a Chevy Silverado 3500 HD 80.1" is on par with most current SUVs.

    They'll probably need to make it 4 door while keeping the wheelbase as short as the regular cab
    the crew cab wheelbase is just too long and sure to get stuck in road humps.
  15. RCCP

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    govern issues and supplied

    And thats why it still around, no good replacement. A pick up don't work neither. they need to be able to get attacked run over things. too much fragile under truck, they need full armomr underneath as well.
  16. master.on

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    What war what that?
    Iraq? Afghanistan?
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    In terms of safety and in warfare, I'm going to have to agree with the poster and say that Hummers are absolute shit for keeping soldiers safe!!! The bottom of the hummer is like a tin can and you drive over a landmine and it's all over. This is why soldiers sit on their flack jackets. The flat, tin can bottom doesn't deflect a fucking thing, explosions go straight up through the vehicle. Humvees are about to be phased out of the military soon after finally realizing our vehicles are killing soldiers. It's about to be replaced with a larger vehicle that addresses this major issue. Tin cans on wheels, even soldiers will tell you this!!!
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    Some people shot trough the rood and killed some soldiers
    and they weren't rebels bearing AK-47s, they were just angry civilians with .22 handguns.

    I wonder if the replacement vehicle will do away with glass windows altogether?
    Replacing armored glass with a thick steel or bulletproof ceramic plate.
    They'll have flatscreen monitors inside, with outside cameras inside a thick metal tube so only a perfectly aligned shot can destroy them.
    They have several redundant cameras, in case one gets hit.

    Some tanks already have this system, seemingly without problems.
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    Well, hindsight is 20/20.

    I don't think IEDs were part of the design criteria back when they were designed.

    Many of the other things you point out are obvious enough that they should have been addressed during the design phase.

    They're kind of a Beach Boys vehicle, it'll get you down to the water and back up, take off the doors enjoy the breeze. Who knows what they were thinking building it out of regular vehicle steel?

    They look bad ass though
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