Hypersexuality and nut quality on cabergoline?

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  1. Some folk swear by dostinex/caber as making you nut like mandingo, and fuck your girlfriend like a porn star.

    There are some case reports on folk developing gambling addictions on dopamine agonists like caber and bromo and one or two others.

    And then some case report where some dude started boning his wife up the ass compulsively on caber I believe it was.

    I haven't found any improvement in terms of quality of nutting.

    Hypersexuality however - AW LAWD!!

    I'm afraid to leave my apartment sometimes.

    I basically did a trial of 0.5 mg and - this shit is not for me.

    However - I trialled Wellbutrin/Buproprion previously and, that shit induces legit sexual enhancement - unbelievable, blow your head off sexual enhancement.
    Apparently via dopamine - was hoping I could replicate that with Caber - but nuh.
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    Wellbutrin for sexual enhancement? Somebody has their priorities straight :)
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    I just wrote a comment about this on anabolicminds. Vyvanse, wellbutrin, and modafinil are dopamine reuptake inhibitors that can create hyper-sexuality and better orgasms. Wellbutrin is the weakest with dopamine - your getting sexual excitement more from norepinephrine

    For hyper-sexuality you would be better off with Ropinirole which has the highest binding affinity for D2 receptors and Mirapex. I think Mirapex is prescribed for resistant depression at a high does for a therapeutic effect. Keep in mind there is DAW (Dopamine agonist withdrawal) meaning you cant just stop taking Mirapex or Requip for its side effects.

    Dostinex creates a immediate release of dopamine in the brain - Good for a quick orgasm/refractory period but no Hyper-sexuality per se.

    For Hyper-sexuality you want either Mirapex or Requip (Small impotence chance)
  4. Sworder

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    Jesus man, why do you recommend these strong dopamine agonists? Let me take a WILD guess, you are on a lot of these amphetamines?

    Can you copy and paste your post from whatever forum you posted your stuff on?

    I would like to read more detailed on why you are suggesting these drugs. As well as citations for where you got the information from would be great.
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    Why would you comment on matters you have zero clue about ?
    Mind blowing
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    You're banging Test and can't fuck?

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    Vyvanse is the only amphetamine drug I mentioned.

    I want to apologize by "Nut Quality" the OP was referring to orgasm quality..........So yea my bad on the post and general misunderstanding of the topic.

    Requip vs Mirapex (Dopamine Boosters)


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    (Pramipexole has been evaluated for the treatment of sexual dysfunction experienced by some users of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants.[16] Pramipexole has shown effects on pilot studies in a placebo-controlled proof of concept study in bipolar disorder.[17][18][19] It is also being investigated for the treatment of clinical depression and fibromyalgia.[20][21][22])

    (Ropinirole is prescribed for mainly Parkinson's disease, RLS and extrapyramidal symptoms. It can also reduce the side effects caused by selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, including Parkinsonism syndrome as well as sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction caused by either SSRIs[7] or antipsychotics.)

    What is the link between Vyvanse and hypersexuality?

    (What is Vyvanse hypersexuality?)

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    - Ropinirole. Ropinirole is a dopamine receptor agonist with the highest affinity for D2, and then for D3 and D4 receptors [113]. It is a viable treatment option for early stages of PD [114].
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    The way I understand OP, he is complaining that the hypersexuality is too much.

    Then you posted giving him "advice" on what drugs to take for even more hypersexuality.

    How many different dopamine agonists are you on? For how long have you been using them on a daily basis?
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    Neuro nerve damage by the sound of things.
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    When people are on a lot of dopamine agonists this is what I think they will develop, Tardive Dyskinesia. :)
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    I just dont understand these people. Especially OP
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    That's from anti-psychotics

    Dopaminergic Antagonist medications BLOCK dopamine they do not increase it!

    A dopamine receptor agonist is a compound that activates dopamine receptors. Your getting the two mixed up.

    Antagonist= Tardive Dyskinesia from blocking dopamine.

    Agonist= Dopamine boosters

    Antagonist= Dopamine blockers
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    I know, read my words. I didn't say that they will, it's just how I view you guys in my mind. Walking around like that. You shouldn't be messing with your neurotransmitters so casually.
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    Agreed sworder. Its one thing to fuck with hormones but neurotransmitters... come the fuck on man. Ruin them and what are the chances they recover? Does anyone even know? Grow the fuck up guys.
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    Do you think AAS doesnt mess up dopamine and other neurotransmitters ?
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  17. I pin AAS sometimes just to see what will happened and how I will feel, I enjoy experimenting with AAS

    Fucking with Dopamine receptors is something that scares the ever living fuck out of me.
    Sure, I'll keep some Caber on hand.... JUST IN CASE.
    But I will do everything I can to never touch it.

    I've used Modafinil for wakefulness, but never in excess of 200mg, only to be used to ensure I dont fall asleep while driving.

    Want hypersexuality... run tren.
    You'll be jerking off to tranny porn in no time lol.

    Just do yourself a favor, dont go to Thailand while on Tren!
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  18. helpmebrahs

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    Glad I got some clarification. I may need to move to NYC because the bitches here try to push Anti-psychotics like it's candy.

    For people who are sensitive to meds like me taking anything that's blocking or increasing dopamine neurotransmitters may have serious effects and it's GAME OVER for me if I lose my erection/orgasm ability.

    Right now I'm legit shut down with no morning erections and I'm trying to find something to increase libido.
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  19. Low dose cialis.
    Works wonder for the BP too.
    Proviron if you're on TRT or on cycle.
    Provi is one of my all time favorites, cant run a cycle without it.
    That being said, my wife gets a little aggravated, I'm down to pound 24 hours a day
  20. Sworder

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    Assume I am using a sweet voice.

    But you do understand the danger of using proviron on cycle when libido is already high right? Not to mention you should have ED after the cycle and if you are using cialis to counter that you are creating a dick dependance on a dick dependance.

    Desensitized libido!