Hypothyroidism and meds

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    I still have more testing on the horizon but I'm going to end up on a thyroid med pretty soon. My doctor was talking about 2 types, and was leaning towards a more natural type to start, Desiccated thyroid extract.

    I'm sure some of you gents are on thyroid meds. How do you respond to them? Anyone ever try this type over Levothyroxine? Thoughts?
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    My son had half his thyroid removed. He was overproducing because of a benign tumor. Hes on 88mcg t4 a day. Hes in range but says he feels like crap quite a bit. I told him to go to a different doc recommended to me who will fine tune it til he feels right. Doc he has now is old and treats mostly elderly, he says if your in range you're fine.
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    That makes me feel good about who I am seeing. He is a 'work on it until you feel good' type of doctor