I am fucked

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by lowkey, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. porkhide

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    just go to your doc have him refer you to physical therapist.
    get your back fixed first then worry about everything else.

    one step at a time
  2. Buff Diddy

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    You probably shut yourself down hard with that last cycle of tren and sust. Hopefully you can restore normal levels with hcg and clomid. I'm still sceptical about tren. Sounds like it works wonders but shuts you down like no other. I'm not interested in temporary gains, I want to keep them. If you can't get your test levels up you may need test therapy indefinately. A buddy of mine is taking just tren and gained 15 lbs in a month. I was impressed. But we'll see if he accually keeps them. My guess is no.
  3. MASSIVE1000

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    I myself have never been a big fan of the chiro....maybe it is just the idea of someone "popping" and adjusting my spine around. But what you said kinda caught my eye...you go ATLEAST once a month? Apparently you are not getting fixed. My wife used to go 1-2 times per week from auto accidents...I gave her some glucosamine....she hasnt been to the chiro in 8 years. When I went years back, I asked the chiro what he thought about me popping my knuckles...he replied that it wasnt healthy for them....I replied "if popping my knuckles isnt healthy, how can you tell me it is okay for my spine to be popped" Long story short, I walked out. Time healed me up.
  4. lowkey

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    Maybe IM not fucked

    Okay guys i finally got my test results back there was a big ass delay at the lab and ive been real busy but my back is up and running just have constant tightness and have to stretch 24/7 but as far as my blood work well everything was great except for my carbon dioxide, LH, which were low and my testosterone total was at 311 and my dihydrotestosterone was the last number in the range so i made the range but there is no established level for my age group so the doctor said i should be okay which at first i was pissed cause i wasnt feeling tip top but now im feel like a champ and my girlfriends payin for it so its all good hopefully
  5. flexter2005

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    work around it (back problem) maybe its time for a little asymetrical traing.
  6. road warrior

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    good 4u

    Glad to read things are going better
  7. scherejs

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    how in the fuck were you getting juice at such a young age? and why do it? at 13 or 14 i sure as hell wasn't worried about being the big guy in the weightroom. shit i didn't care about the weightroom at all.

    LAPISZX3 Junior Member

    not sure how old you are..but things have really...really...changed...i hit the weight room full time when i hit 9th grade...about 15 years old...at the age of 16 i knew of 1 15 year old on it..and a few older guys..i think they were 17 or 18...

    when i graduated in 2001...my best friends little brother and entire basketball team was already going to the gym...in 7th grade...so basically...as soon as jr high starts kids are starting to go now...

    and lets not forget the parents pushing their children to be amazing athletes...im sure alot of them are getting their kids used to workouts or gyms as soon as the kid is able to comprehend what the parent is instructing them to do!
  9. lowkey

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    I cant agree with you more i wasnt one of the kids being pushed by the parents i was a driven athlete when i was 13 i was 6'1 200pds i was the big guy in the gym but i wasnt worried about that nor am i now i drather be able to be an athlete and move personally i believe being big proves nothing