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    Hello everyone!New to this forum,lurking for a week or so ,from what i have seen so far seems a nice place with no shills or source asslickers like the other forums i have been on,but will see.I am hiting the gym from like 20 years and i cant live without lifting weights lol.Have good amount of cycles the last 7 years.Have kids,exwife,new gf and 2 dogs.I am here to find new EU sources,possibly to learn something and help other with the knowledge i have about training,diet and gear.Think thats enough info about me for now.If you have some qustions or anything don't hesitate to shoot me a PM.
    Apologies for my english i am from eastern Europe and its not my native language.Yea i am on tren right now,have it from a source that is on this forum.Can upload some td pics,but i rather wait to kick in(i am 5 days in) to give my honest review..
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    Welcome. I'm from USA but reading around, there are some good EU sources here for sure. Yes, your right about a lack of shills here. That's what makes this different from professional muscle, BOP, ASF, etc.

    Glad to have ya!
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    Welcome to meso!
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    Welcome to Meso! You’ll find a few source asslickers and shiils, but they are few and far between and you’ll generally see them called out for their behavior. Have a look around and do your research on the sources and good luck.
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    Welcome to the site.
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  6. Welcome to the show.
    You should do fine here...
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