I am NOT renewing my anonymous account

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    anonymous speech is down every day I am NOT renewing it.. What good is a secure email account if you can't use it.. That's like T Mobile giving me a better deal than AT&T if I don't get reception what good is the lower price
  2. FuriousWO

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    Isn't it free?

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    I don't care.. I am still not renewing it :confused:

    LOL No it cost money..
    2 weeks free I think..

    I like SafeMail more..
  4. FuriousWO

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    Countermail works well, but you can't access it from iPhones and iPads
  5. OdieM

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    Yeah I use countermail but I hate that I can only access it through my computer. Anyone use safemail? Is it better?
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    When I first started out here I had a safemail account, after a month or so I got notice of the terms of use (one of them as not using for illegal activity). That freaked me out and I dumped them. Could have been normal operations for them to send it out to newish customers but whatever. I thought I read somewhere that safemail emails were used in some steroid sting operation. I'll look for the article.
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    Yes anonymous is definitely more secure I always check my IP sign ins and don't keep emails for long
    . Use subject words like Menu and ready not list or payment ...
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    I use shazzle mail it's free and extremely easy on your phone....I also like safe mail which free....but I always switch them up