I finally hit 1,000 pushups in a workout!!

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by Demondosage, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Demondosage

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    And it was absolute hell!! This is something I've been doing for awhile now. I started integrating pushups into the weight workouts and slowly climbed from 250 a workout to 400, 500, 700, 800, and today I just said fuck it all and did 1,000.

    Just decided to do this fairly regularly about 6 months ago while avoiding heavy weight so my tendon could heal bit. Usually I do this 2-3x per week and I integrate them with all upper body muscles. So if I'm hitting delts I'll do a set of delts and then a set of pushups rt after. If I'm doing chest I will do a set of flys or something, then straight into pushups as a superset.

    I guess it's sort of instinctive but used as an all around pump when I train upper body. But I finally hit 1,000 reps today, something I never even planned on when I began doing 250 a workout several months ago
  2. Gbro

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    I tore my rotator cuff doing push-ups. Never again.
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  3. barneys

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    Thats impressive, congrats man
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    Hey @Demondosage if you dont mind me asking. Why did you sign of from BOP? Maybe you could elaborate more on this forum. If not it's all good.
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    He was on BOP? Traitor! ;)
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    My bad, it was a misunderstanding on my end. The member I was asking about was not @Demondosage
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    Reminds me of flipping a deck in jail. Shuffle a deck of cards, draw 1-3 cards (depending on skill) J/Q/K - 10, A- 15, everything else what it says. IIRC flipping one deck should get you like 600-700 push ups depending on variations people do. My bunky in prison used to flip a deck before I even rolled out of bed.

    You're right, pooky, I don't lol.
  8. Demondosage

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    Yea, it's downright rough. Once I got the 1,000 in a workout I backed off and I'm now doing a 30 minute HIT lift followed by 30 min cardio about 6x a week (or so the plan is). But I'll go back to it eventually, I just need more recovery rt now and that worked for a bit but became overwhelming
  9. Keepittight

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    That's a awesome accomplishment dude, I haven't been into push-ups since I started weights about 10 years ago, but I still bust out some on occasion during a chest workout. Good job bro.
  10. valuum

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    Another good pushup routine my bunky and I used to do during count. We'd set a stopwatch to go off every 60 seconds and pick a number, maybe 20-25. You do a set at the top of every beep. Eventually that 20 pushups takes more and more of the 60 seconds. I can't remember the exact numbers we used but the point was more to keep short rest periods and push yourself that way.

    I've seen a million goofy push up variations from being in the joint, like stuff more pretentious than the stuff mens health and fitness puts out. Personally I never did anything beyond regular and diamond (close grip).

    When I did 1k or near it I was probably 180-190. I'd be hard pressed to now at a more muscular 215lbs. I've seen a lot of times CO's would give away a piece of pizza to someone if they could do 100 decent pushups straight. It was always a thin (but not too skinny) guy usually <5'10 and 170lbs-180lbs.
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  11. MindlessWork

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    Bet you could set a world record for most pushups. My right shoulder is a bit screwed so pushups are rather difficult for me.
  12. Demondosage

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    Hell Nah dude, I think the record is some pretty insane shit , I'll have to look it up
  13. MarioKnightLabs

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    That's some awesome record, dude.
  14. Push Ups World Records
  15. Demondosage

    Demondosage Member

    That's insane. Bro I felt like death finally hitting 1,000 and it took me longer than an hour!!!
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  16. T-Bagger

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    I was gonna ask how long that takes you to get in 1,000 and then I see those records... WTAF??? That’s insane with 2,000 + in an hour.