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    It seems that no one can come to the conclusion what I-fit pharma is legit or not so I decided to make a cycle log with bloods to confirm or deny. Personally this will be my 3rd cycle with them(test E & test C only) and I have yet to have something bad to say about them running it at 500wk.

    I have seen mixed reviews about his Orals so I decided to kick start this cycle with some Superdrol at 15mg a day and see for myself.

    I have been dealing with a herniated disk and sciatica for a couple years now and am just coming back from a 9 month break because of it. I’ve never been this small before but shit happens. I plan to post every other day to keep a decent log.

    25 years old

    First pin of I-Fit Test C 250(absolutely zero PIP as always)
    Also started the Superdrol

    Ate lunch around 11 am and sitting on the job after that waiting around got extremely tired and took a good nap for a couple hrs(thinking the lethargy of Superdrol had already kicked in)

    Once I got working I was in a tight spot for about 30 minutes not able to completely stand up and back pumps were already in full effect( possibly from Superdrol)

    Workout was good nothing special yet.

    Calorie intake at 3400
    Carbs around 400g
    Protein around 200
    Fats right at 100g
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    Sitting at 166lbs

    Food consumption average is about 3200 give or take.

    Getting strong again fast and feeling very good in the gym. Pumps are making me look like I almost hadn’t stopped working out.

    Lethargy is still there somewhat and appetite is either through the roof or not quite there.

    Will go two weeks at 15mg of Superdrol and possibly bump it up to 30mg on week 3-4.

    Running 15mg aromasin ED from peptide warehouse (VERY gyno Prone) and so far so good.

    Will keep eating around 3200 and keep killing it to get back up to 185ish hopefully.
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    12/4: day 8 on Superdrol(15mg/day) Test Cyp 500/wk. weight is up 10lbs from day 1. Strength is coming back very aggressively.

    Was going to possibly up it to 30mg/ day of Superdrol but feel no need to as of now.

    Previous gyno had flared up a little at 15mg aromasin/day from peptide warehouse. Will up it to 18.75 ED(guessing its under dosed).

    Lethargy has seemed to go away for the most part and the normal test “energy” is on the rise. Back pumps still come here and there if standing too long.

    Calories still right around the 3000 mark.
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    If u don't have pre an post bloods its not gna hold much weight around here
  5. Not to mention, it's only telling us that the batch you have is or isn't working. How effective or ineffective will their gear be 6 months from now?

    Despite these points the two of us have mentioned, i am enjoying reading your progress. So please continue as you were.
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    Sorry for the over due update.

    Still pinning 500wk test and going to stay at 15mg Superdrol a day so if I want to run it again I can up it a bit and get a little more gains.

    Strength in gym is through the roof. Due to my herniated disk I am not maxing anything out so I don’t have numbers.

    Nutrition is steady and hitting macros pretty damn well consistently.

    Feel bigger and looking bigger. Shirts are tightening up all over so I know I’m getting bigger.

    aromasin has been upped to about 18.75 (probably under dosed)

    Weight is +13lbs sitting at 173lbs

    I actually do have blood work but my test levels will be maxed out at 1500 unless someone has a cheaper way to get actual test levels. I will post pre cycle bloods after this post. Thanks
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    Pre Cycle Bloods

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