I got in a word war on another forum

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by buffhottie, Aug 9, 2006.

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    Boy was it nasty..
    i am such a docile creature (really) I never get in arguement or word wars with people. In person or online. But I go on this board where we talk about make-up and stuff (I am a girl and that is another slice of my life pie)
    somebody puts this post up about how those female fitness models are so self absorbed blah,blah blah
    so I 'genlty' responded with 'you dont really know them and maybe they are very cool.'
    well then she says "what are you? one of them". Well then I say I am a Figure Competitor and training is a big part of my life and boy that struck a nerve.
    She just freakin unloaded on me. I mean WENT OFF about what shitty people we all are. she said all people who work out THAT much (men and women) are just useless and self absorbed and should be put on an island and burned. She also said one day when I stop (liek that will ever happen) I am going to look like shit becaseu she has seen that happen a million times with 'people like me'
    Well that was all it took for me to stoop right on down there (i started off rather pleasant and non -arguemental) and tell her to take her fat, insecure ass to Dr Phil and quit being such a fuckin' hater .
    It was bad...
    I was actually going back and forth with this dumb bitch. she would fire shit at me and I would write back
    "You wish you were me. You know you do. You wanna be me. Dont be such a hater ,fatty". complete with dancing smileys

    I am almost embarrassed I resorted to that.
    It is so not me. Usually, I would deliberatley NOT rspond to that but I did and it didn't go very well I think I won though:p

    I just had to come on here and let off some steam.
    ARGH!!! Some freakin' people
    will one of you beat her up for me? Just kidding. No I'm not..
    Yes, I am..
    Thanks for listening

    BTW my var cycle is 4 weeks in and I am starting to really feel a differance.
  2. Grizzly

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    LOL, I was actually going to ask if you wanted me to beat her up for you.

    Go back to the thread and ask her what makes a fitness model anymore self-absorbed than a woman who spends her time finding out new and improved ways of falsely improving her appearance/hiding who she really is. Ask her what makes an actual hard body more indicative of being self-absorbed than a false appearance that doesn't exist in reality?
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    Good advice.

    beleive me, I said a LOT! Like all the MAC in the world (MAC is a brand of make up) can't make up for her lack of self care and that she would never make comments like that if she weren't entirley threatened and jealous and didn't secretly wish to be part of that group.
    i said a lot. I meant it all too. I dont judge people but I DO defend myself. This woman has got MAJOR issues that she is funneling in the wrong direction. Probably has joined and quit the gym 10 times and hates herself for it.
    I am not going on that site for awhile...
    I already feel better being on here around other GYM Freaks
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    whats up buffhottie, glad to hear your var cycle is going well. My girl is about to start another one herself. sucks about the world war crap... some people are just so dissatisfied with themselves that they feel the need to dig into people like us just because they could never put forth the amount of dedication and effort to do what we do... Just tell her to kick rocks and to eat a gallon of icecream. Either that or tel her to go get fucked by a donkey... your choice..


    ps. hit me up via email somtime and let me know how everything is progressing with you!
  5. buffhottie

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    Hey FTT!,
    var is going good. I am 4 weeks in and since it takes 2 to 3 weeks to start working, I am just now starting to appreciate it. I am hardening up even though my weight is the same. My strength is really starting to skyrocket. People arent kidding about var and strength gains and it is JUST starting to work. I'm using BD and I really like it. I am excited to see how I feel in a week or two. I am wondering if I should got to 15/day?(I am at 10)
    Is that decision based on lack of sides or lack or results? If your not getting any sides (which I am not aside form the fact that sex is better) and results are there should I just leave well enough alone or take it to 15/d for better gains since I have no sides?
    I may paste this on the steroid forum.
    think I will
    FTT what does your GF run? and for how long? does she run it alone?