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    So after being around for a little, and I mean a couple months, I notice that there are some good top notch guys and some true fucking assholes as private sources, that, if you perhaps send too many emails or ask too many questions, they will ban you from ordering again. Hey buddy, I’m giving you business. Here’s a backdrop, two private sources, one was extremely professional, patient and understanding, the other was a inconsiderate prick, I end up asking about his sale after I made a significant amount order, and he goes and insults me. Fucking petty as fuck. IDGAF, to be honest, there are a lot of good labs, and the last thing I would want to do again is send my hard earned money to an inconsiderate asshole. Sorry for venting.
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    Well operating as a private source is some guys way to start doing sketchy shit and drop the facade and show that they are just drug dealers
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    Seems to be bro. But cmon, it’s like you have to bow down to them, and if you ask for say tracking or an update, you get ridiculed. Give a fuck bro, I’d rather give my hard earned money to someone who appreciates the business, regardless of he rep of the lab.
  4. To be fair, not a lot of sources give out tracking in my experience. Furthermore, some sources are just square business and others are more amicable. It's just a difference in personality. Sources are people too, not any different than the world around us.

    Also, A LOT of people are not patient at all. They want their delivered to them within 24 hours and no excuses. This isn't Amazon. Have some patience. Also, sign up for Informed Delivery and you'll see what you have coming to you. No need for tracking.

    I've seen some of the shit people email sources, being straight demanding cocksuckers to them so it's understandablethat some of them dont want to answer a million questions.
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  5. And personally, I like to shoot the shit with people, sources included. It's just my personality, I'm friendly, so I like sources that do the same. However, if someone has a good product, a good reputation but is a grouch, I'll still order from them and respect the way they conduct their business. I just prefer the former due to my personality.
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    I feel you one hundred percent. Tbh. It’s not the end of the world, and the almighty dollar rules. I’d rather give my money to a stand up guy that appreciates business. Not some cocky asshole, that god forbid you email him with a question, he won’t accept orders from you anymore.
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    Me as well bro. Who wants to do business with a grouch, Half of me wants to call him out, and the other half will just let it go, and take the high road, but god does it bug me. honestly, there are a lot of good labs out there that would be happy to take my money
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    Actually, I worked in RETAIL.
    Eventually it gets annoying to have constant emails when it hasnt even been at least 72 hours. The reps are humans too and you have to understand most reps aren't doing this full time. (Wheres my stuff? wheres my tracking? youre a scammer!!!!!)
    Chill out for a bit, if it's a reputable lab, no need to worry so much.
    Even if they exit scammed, IRL dealers that do that as well.
    When they do scam you, nothing can be done but write it off as a cost of doing business in the underground.

    So without further information from you on what the conversation was about, I'll say that this sort of business...isn't supposed to be amazon like.
    As for you... I wonder what you said to upset the REP, especially after placing a sizable order already.
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    I completely understand. A ton of emails I understand, but I paid well over 500 dollars and all I asked was about a sale that was going on and it if it was too late to get the offer. The REP exploded said I was annoying and am no longer able to order from the Rep. a real winner
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    Which source?
  11. Mdrock98

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    Pm me.
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    Old school private labs (the good ones) will communicate at a minimum. Order, donation, confirmation of donation and you sit and wait at least two weeks before dropping a line....

    But it seems folks are spoiled to death with getting their packs within 3-5 business days and trip out when it's not there on the fifth day.

    The reality of things nowadays, most private sources suck a fat one! Decent gear is a dime a dozen anymore. Fuck a source! Call out shitty business here on Meso and let the boys have fun woth it.


  13. I agree! call them out....Lets have some fun!
  14. rugerjitsu

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    Define sizable order.
  15. ebkallday

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    $300.... Hahaha... You know it!!!
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    A little more history. So when I first contacted the rep, I had to the change the order because I wanted deca instead of primo. God forbid I change the order as a customer. he fucking exploded and said forget it don’t order, I got pissed so I went online and found something to roast the rep about. So
    Of course, here comes the sales rep to the rescue trying to mediate between the two of us so his name doesn’t get slandered publicly I was finally able to order and give my hard earned money. This was because I changed my order and he got annoyed. That should have been a red flag right there. So I get my pack, looks great and everything right. I place my second order and everything was smooth. Paid for it, no changing of of order (god forbid right) and said it was shipping tomorrow. Great right, I go to find out he had a sale going on so after a couple hrs I asked if I could take advantage of the sale, turns out I’m annoying and constantly emailing him. He had no problem cashin my 1400 dollars tho. Fuck outta here.
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    You kind of sound like a little bitch. The good news is, you can take your business elsewhere. I don't see any foul play...it appears you got your order changed on your first order. Sounds like you're 2 for 2 on bitch fits. Good job.
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    Id knock your little gay jujitsu ass out punk. Go roll around with guys now you fag.
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    I’d have to agree. You’re pretty annoying. That’s a lot of shit that you’re dumping on the UGL.

    You wouldn’t go to your heroin dealer and ask him “is this going to make me REALLY high or just kinda high.” And then say “you know what, I don’t want to nod off, can I trade this back to you for some crank?” That guy would tell you to get lost too.

    Which lab was it? That’s what makes this even more fun.
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    A lot of shit I’m dumping on the UGL? Go play some where dipshit. Your 44 and think your guru. You ain’t shit punk and would like to give you a fucking right uppercut to your 44 year old chin.