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  1. CanadianJasonGenova

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    I just want to confirm I got this right as it's my first cycle ever.
    So I'm doing: weeks 1-4 test P
    Weeks 1-12 test e
    Have Asin and nova on hand for sides

    Have a few questions though so from my understanding at the end itll take approximately 35 days for the test e to be out of my system. So do I begin the hcg on day 35 or just after my last injection?

    Is week 1-3 hcg
    Week 3-7 clomid 50/50/25/25/12.5. Week 3-7 nova 40/20/20/20/10
    Enough? Dosages are by week like 50 a day first week.

    Also would I be safe taking test p while the test e runs out fine or would that mess something up?

    Obviously still doing research and continuing to do so just hoping someone can help save me some time and give advice to a newb.
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  2. CanadianJasonGenova

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    Realized where I went wrong so pct starts 14 days after last pin lol this is why I'm researching 3 months in advance.
  3. CanadianJasonGenova

    CanadianJasonGenova Junior Member

    Ok I think I have this more figured out now so

    Week 1-12 test e
    Week 12-16 test p
    Week 16-18 hcg
    Week 18 start Nova/clomid

    That more right?
  4. eryximachus

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    You do not need to use hcg for pct, and this is especially true for such a mild cycle. You honestly do not even need a PCT for that cycle, but some will disagree with me.

    Wait 1 week after your last pin of test prop, then run the clomid and nolva as you describe.
  5. JohnLong

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    start hcg 4 weeks before last pin
    what's the mg per week?
    if your using 500/week test e
    every 10 days is a half life (500-250-125-62.5)
    example above will take around 30 days to start pct
  6. CanadianJasonGenova

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    Dosages would look like:

    After last pin

    14 days hcg 2000iu e3d

    pct start

    Week 1-2 50mg clomid
    Week 1-2 40mg nova
    Week 3-4 25mg clomid
    Week 3-4 20mg nova
    Week 5 12.5 clomid
    Week 5 10mg nova

    Will probably keep halfing my asin dose starting at the end as well biweekly
  7. JohnLong

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    i meant your weekly test mg
    you already wrote down your pct doses
    you should be using hcg before your last pin...
    and your pct is overkill imo
    nolva only 40/40/20/20
    or 20/20/20/20/20 would be fine
  8. CanadianJasonGenova

    CanadianJasonGenova Junior Member

    Lmao whoops just woke up when I responded.

    500mg weekly of test e and 100mg of test p EOD