I screwed up big time.. help with PCT (1.5 year cycle)

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  1. JonIrenicus

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    Alright, a bit of background info on myself..

    I'm currently 28 and I've been doing 12-14 week cycles since I was 21.. I always was responsible, did proper pct, etc...

    1.5 years ago I started a cycle and I figured I would push it this time, see how big I can get. (didn't get hormone bloodwork beforehand but I get a general blood work test in Dec of 2017 and I was healthy)

    I basically did did test e the entire time with 8 weeks of tren in the middle. I never ran hcg and I got off late Jan. Now before I could begin my PCT, had a family emergency overseas and I had to fly out. I come back last week and obviously I'm crashing hard. Zero interest in sex, no desire to work out, etc.. Luckily, I still have a woody when I wake up so there may be some hope.

    I go to my MD and tell her I need to get my test checked since I'm feeling tired (don't mention anything about anabolics.)

    My results are:
    Free testosterone 42.0
    Total Testosterone 234.0

    I'm now in full panic mode. I ordered a female hormone (to check LH/FSH) panel from a private lab that I will get done tomorrow or the day after. Results should be in by Saturday hopefully. If I'm permanently shut down, so be it... I'm just horrified that I may have fucked myself up and won't be able to have kids since the wife and I are discussing it now.

    I also started 25 mg of Tamox and .5 mg of Anastrozole today.. should I stop that now so I can get accurate results?

    I've been reading other, similar topics and I ordered clomid as well.

    Like I said, I know I fucked up and if anyone has any advice, i would truly appreciate it!
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  2. jaymaximus

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    Ok, I gotta know, how did/do you look? I'm hoping like a Greek God except better
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  3. JonIrenicus

    JonIrenicus Member

    I looked half decent in late August before family problems came up and I was hitting the gym only a couple of times a week.
  4. Eman

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    Drop the adex... Run the nolva and clomid. I would have done hcg first but it's too late for that now.

    Don't be in any hurry to run another cycle... Do your pct and I think you'll be okay.
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  5. JonIrenicus

    JonIrenicus Member

    Should I stop the nolva right now, wait a few days and get that blood work done? Or just do it now?
  6. midland2009

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    I would run nolva 20mg, clomid 25mg for 30 days. Then, get bloodwork two months after that and see where your at.

    I’d also make sure you have pharm grade pct meds. You can get them from the pharmacist in the underground. May take two weeks though. If you need them sooner, then grab off of Alphausa. Should be there within a week.

    You’ll prob be able to fully recover, but it’s going to take some time. Don’t touch the gear for a while.
  7. JonIrenicus

    JonIrenicus Member

    Ordered everything from RUI earlier today.. shit. I'll get in touch with that dude too I guess.
  8. Eman

    Eman Member

    What are you getting blood work for? I thought you already did?

    I would probably keep taking it if I were you... It has a long half life so it'll take a little while to get to work. Just add the clomid when you get it. I would increase dose a bit.
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  9. midland2009

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    Yea just I wouldn’t use research shit. Just toss it who cares. It’s not worth the risk over a hundred bucks.

    Pharmacist has legit pharm grade. Alpha does as well, but sometimes his are generic Indian brand which will work but maybe not as potent IMO. I don’t think it will make much difference if you start your pct in two weeks. You literally just started the nolva right? is that research meds or pharm?
  10. Morefyah

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    I would do what @Eman suggested. Run pct for 4-5 weeks get blood work and re evaluate the situation. If it’s still not working repeat and draw bloods again..
  11. JonIrenicus

    JonIrenicus Member

    No, I just got my test levels checked a week ago. I still need to do a full hormone panel my LH/FSH levels and all that.
  12. midland2009

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    If your doing research med nolva just drop it and wait for everything and start in two weeks. Unless your sure it’s good, which I doubt.
  13. jaymaximus

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    If you're serious about having a baby go see a doctor. You don't even have to mention roids, say you are trying to conceive and your test is low, what can they do? Broscience on a PED forum will not suffice and I'm betting your wife would say the same thing.

    Also, no offense, but you were blasting for a year and that was it? So you fucked up your body, and have little to nothing to show for it.

    I hope someone thinking about doing this comes in here, reads, and thinks better of it.
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  14. JonIrenicus

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    None taken.. and I agree. Hopefully this advice will help someone else out.

    My MD referred to me an endocrinologist but I'm worried he'll be suspicious as to why my hormones are completely shot. I can't tell him roids due to him possibly mentioning it to insurance.
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  15. Eman

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    I don't think it's going to tell you much more than you already know, and it's not going to change the fact you need to pct.

    I would continue on your current course with what you have on hand and add the clomid once it arrives. If you want to pull bloods, wait until you've got the serms in your system and check your bloods to see if you're getting a response to the drugs.
  16. nervje

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    I was oncycle 3 and a half years (500mg test e a week minimum) and recovered halfway fine within 3 months so ignore the retards who say you ruined your life etc.
    Still young enough to recover just fine.
    Drop all the tamox shit, wait 2 weeks, do power pct.
    Dont do any of the 'just take clomid for 5 weeks stuff blabla'.
    You need a full cycle pct, and if THATS not working, your doctor will give you further direction.
    Until then, get some cialis to maintain erections, my libido was 0 and the cialis helped me through it