I think my doctor fucked me up. 16M on T

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    Hi, any criticism of myself is also fully welcome

    I am 16y/o, pubertal and skeletal age of 14.6.

    A blood test revealed T levels of 310ng/dl.

    One of my parental units has an in-law who specializes in hormones for adolescents. They prescribed me a microdose of testosterone and said it wouldn’t be suppressive to me at this low dose and would bring me to around 550ng/dl, and then after 6months I could go off if natural puberty brought my levels up.

    Nonetheless, as this is NOT a TRT, basic math shows that 550ng/dl - 310= 240ng/dl, so the mg i am prescribed will only boost 240. However, if the doc is mistaken about the suppressive properties of exogenous Test, this would have the result of bringing me DOWN to 240ng/dl instead of the original 310 ng/dl or the supposed 550.

    Low testosterone during puberty can be extremely problematic as this is where crucial development regarding facial masculinity, shoulder width, voice depth, and penis size is all effected by hormonal levels and genetics.

    What are the next steps I can take? I don’t want the effects stated above.

    My own ideas:

    A) GTFO test and start a pct or something to try to salvage my T levels back to normal. Do not use any exogenous hormones until much older.

    B) Don’t risk a halfass recovery and lose masculinity overall. I am in a blessed situation where my parents can afford to pay for my college and I am good at school/learning. Thus, making the financial commitment of TRT for life is slightly easier for me to make than an average person. In addition, if I wanted to I could very likely guilt trip my parental units into paying for TRT until age 22-25 or so, so it will not be a $ commitment during college. Finally, If I can TRT for life, blasting androgens during pubertal development seems like it could have many positive side effects, such as the opposite of what I stated for “low T during puberty”.

    TLDR: 16y/o doc prescribed me T supplementation NOT trt. I think this will suppress me, need to get bloods to confirm. Wtf to do?

    I would love any feedback on this. Thank you!!
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    Edit1: I am an idiot, forgot to include dosage. I am on the equivalent dosage of 20mg/weekly IM injections, however I am using gel/cream (doing 70mg/weekly cream), equivalent of 10mg/week subQ. Thank you
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    I think you need to follow the advice of your doc, having low T as a teen sucks ass...but you start messing around with other compounds you risk doing more harm than good, especially at your age.
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    I don't know where you're coming up with this formula, but it this is not how it works.

    I would suggest seeing an endocrinologist.
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    If i am taking an amount that will raise me by 200, and it suppresses, my natural T will I not only have 200ng/dl?
  6. ht.asc

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    I am, but am I not lowering my production?
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    Again, I have absolutely no idea where you're coming up with this math... There is absolutely no way to calculate how much X mg will raise or suppress endogenous hormones.
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    Only a Doctor can tell you that...I don't think your going to find someone here to give you the go ahead to start pumping gear or pct into your body...especially at 16...and it sounds like you have an issue that requires you be under the care of a doctor/Specialist
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    Parental units
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    Lol i kinda live w/ relatives so idk how to say
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    Of course not. But of course X mg will raise X hormones a certain amount, and we can’t calculate it. I am throwing numbers out there but the result is the same
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    the number ‘200’ can go for any amount of ng/dl increase/decrease, but it is a certain number. 200 is an approximation
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    What is confusing about this? testosterone is absorbed in different ways, administering 10mg gel and 10mg IM are different in the way the hormone is absorbed into the body. Thus, i gave the equivalent of my dosage in all ways to introduce the hormone so if anyone in their own experiences uses a certain method but doesnt know the conversions, they can still understand how minimal my dose is
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    Definitely setting up a meeting with doc and requesting bloods. Definitely TRT for life is a very important decision to make and as a 16y/o brain is still developing I could greatly regret it if I decide to
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    hcg and arimadex would seem like a smarter option to me. The idea that you can take a little test and it will "hold" is the biggest pipe dream out there.

    You on any meds for anxiety or A.D.D.? Zoloft or anything like that? Did you ever get scripted meds at a young age for school, depression etc?
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    I also wanted HCG and aromasin and looked into it a lot but listened to doc :/

    I have been on prozac for 4ish months
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    Theres no appreciable difference between IM and SubQ injections actually.

    But sure?
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    I could be incorrect just parrotting what doctor told me, I was surprised by this too.
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    I would look into hcg. Good luck and keep us posted on how you do
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