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    Some of the images in this article may be considered NSFW.

    I spend a lot of time looking at Pornhub for my job, and there's one type of ad on the site that I can't get out of my head. The visuals change, but the copy is often the same, presenting me with a kind of challenge or dare, perhaps with a hint of hostility: "Try not to cum while playing this game."

    This challenge is typically paired with either a Dungeons and Dragons-esque big titty goth girl or some other animated character. Recently, I've seen a lot of Elsa and Anna from Disney's animated hit Frozen doing terrible things in these banner ads. They mock me. Try not to cum, they say. Just try.

    The insinuation is that these games are so titillating—their horny Disney characters so sexually potent—that a player would not be able to play them for long before uncontrollably climaxing.

    In the spirit of public service, I decided to try to go down the rabbit hole of porn game ads, and try not to cum in the process.

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    What a strange thing to write an article about. I wonder if they were struggling with filling their quota lolol
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    No, dude just cant get laid.
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    enjoying the topic. friends, do you know any medicine capable of increasing the ejaculation volume?
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    Vice has all kinds of off the wall articles... This one was particularly unusual, but a lot of them are somewhat informative. They have a cool YouTube channel as well.
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    I've seen a few of them on YouTube and you are right, they're well done. There's one where they go to North Korea and it was fucked lol
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    If you're on cycle, perhaps hcg will help. Other than that, you may or may not get help from things like:

    Sunflower Lectithin
    Just google it.

    Overall health and hydration matter as well.
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    Nothing animated will ever make me cum! Wtf....fucking losers, I swear.
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    "The Anabolic Doc" on youtube, don't remember which video, but he stated that porn stars use HCG for it. Not saying it is or isn't true but found it interesting.
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    Yeah, I've seen that dude on YouTube. He spreads misinformation. Not saying the above is incorrect; but I don't trust him.
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    Interesting. Really!? I thought from what I've heard of him (from others) he seemed decently accurate.

    Is there anything you've heard him say that lead you to start questioning his info?
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    Male Porn Stars & PEDs
    To start, yes a lot of guys in the industry use steroids obviously, even though a lot of them aren't exactly knowledgeable on it. The internet has helped that though with places like this where we can go to see how to do it right. Most of the male talent I know don't exactly do crazy cycles but we do things a bit different and use some more exotic drugs. Things like Caverject, PT-141, Test Suspension, Growth Hormone etc.

    Remember most of these guys are just using actual gear to look fit/beach worthy not to compete. Blasting & Cruising is really common too as maintaining high sexual function at all times is important.

    • testosterone: Usually no more than 500mg/week

    • masteron: 5-800mg/week or even higher is common

    • Trenbolone: 350-700mg/week depending on how sides effect you (Not used commonly though)

    • Test Suspension: 75-150mg an function
    There’s not a lot of use of “wet” compounds (outside of Test) for aesthetic purposes and like I said most guys aren’t concerned with size/strength as much. (No deca, dbol, adrol etc.)

    Other Sexual Related Drugs
    • cialis: Usually used along with viagra, rarely alone as it’s not as potent in the short term

    • Viagra: Our #1 “supplement” - 50-100mg about an hour before filming. Take on an empty stomach or at least without dietary fats as they impact absorption and effectiveness of Viagra.

    • Caverject (Alprostadil): Not as common as everyone outside the industry thinks, but it is used. Personally I’ve only used it a few times but 10mcg was more than enough to give me an insane erection for almost 4 hours.

    • PT-141 (Bremelanotide): 1mg about 6-8 hours before filming (Titrate dose for tolerance)

    • clomid: Some guys use it at about 100-150mg a day for days they want to shoot big loads. Personally I don’t think it does much of anything for ejaculation volume if you’re on cycle
    • Lecithin (Load Volume): 1-2 grams a day; Upped to 5 grams for heavy shoots

    • Zinc (Volume/Thickness): 30-50mg a day

    • Vitamin C (Health/Sperm Health): 1-2 grams

    • Damiana Leaves (Testicle Size): 1 gram a day

    • Water: MASSIVELY IMPORTANT for load volume & quality erections - I shoot for 2 gallons a day .

    • Protein: You guys know enough about this, just make sure to eat enough as it makes up a portion of semen
    This is overall a basic generalization based on experience."
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    Never thought I'd be asking this on this forum or anywhere really but you seem to be in the know. I'm not into porn either really as my wife keeps me happy but how the fuck do you guys last so long for videos? Are numbing agents used?
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    So what you're saying is you're a porn star? Huh, interesting.
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    In my own head yes, except all my scenes last under 5 minutes...

    For real though I just copied and pasted from a few reddit AMA's that male pornstars have done in the past, a few of them have been pretty detailed about their cycles and supplements.
    I put quotes in the post for a reason lol
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    PornHub here you come! LOL. ;)
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    it's not the quantity of my pumps, it's the quality :rolleyes:
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    I didn't notice the "s LOL

    ................................................... forget I asked anything