I.U.'s to CC's???

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by meathead909, Jul 12, 2004.

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    meathead909 Junior Member

    How do I convert I.U.'s to cc's.
    I want to follow swale's dosing for hcg, however, Im not sure how to measure I.U.'s to cc's.

    So if I take 250 i.u.'s of hcg, what does that come out to in cc's
    .............. .500............................................................cc's
    .............. .1000............etc..............etc........etc...........cc's

    So if my bottle of H.C.G. comes with 10,000 I.U.'s, how much is that in cc's?

    Hope you could help me out. Im supposed to start tomorrow, but I could always start next week.
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    DLMCBBB Junior Member

    2.5 units on a slin pin = 250IU of hCG in your case.

    10,000IU of hCG mixed in 1cc of bacteriostatic water = 100units on a slin pin.

    100/2.5= 40units x 250IU = 10,000 IU of hCG.
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    buck Junior Member

    Unless you have novarel or pregnyl which come with 10 ml's of water. What do you have and what quantities?
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    meathead909 Junior Member


    so if I have a slin pin of 50 units... that equals to 1/2 cc.

    And 2.5 of those 50 units equals 250 I.U.'s....

    This means if I filled the slin pin up to 25 units, I would be taking 2,500 I.U.'s of hcg correct?

    The reason I'm confused is because I have taken hcg before but the above dosage was the one I took... It was 25 units on the slin pin everyday for 14 days. I assumed that this amount was 250 i.u's per day. This was for post therapy after a TEST and DECA 10 week cycle.

    But That would mean that I was taking 2,500 iu's of hcg a day!!! That is an enormous amount of hcg per day!!!

    Now Im beginning to believe that the hcg that I had was fake shit.

    As of now my sex drive is normal, and everything is fine. So maybe I took fake shit and my testosterone levels just gradually increased like they naturally would by itself right?

    This was way back in mid December of 2003. With that dosage that I was taking, this would mean that my balls would of been totally unfunctional and I would of gotten bad bitch tits, etc. But Im perfectly fine and plan on doing another cycle in September of this year again.

    By the way, this dosage question is for my friend that was supposed to start this week on hcg, but before he started he wanted me to make sure that the dosage I was taking was correct. Im totally confused now. Im assuming that I took too much and he would of took too much also. Im supposed to start a cycle in September of this year, but I dont think I will be taking the same kind of hcg, and the same dosage I was taking before.
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    DLMCBBB Junior Member

    Fifty units does equal 1/2 of a cc. Your question can be answered if you know the correct amount of bacteriostatic water used for mix. Twenty FIVE units would equal 2,500IU of hCG only if the amount of water used was was 1cc(1mL). The amount of water, and the amount of hCG per ampule effects the dosage.
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    meathead909 Junior Member

    I see what you are saying.

    Im gonna have to check it out and see what that dosage is. I'm on my way out right now, but I'll check it and get back to you with the correct amount.

    Hey, thanks for all the help, it is greatly appreciated. I know it's tuff answering the same questions over and over.
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    meathead909 Junior Member


    the name is GONAFORTE 10,000 U.I.
    the maker is PARFARM, S.A.
    it was made in MEXICO

    the amount of bacteriotistic water used was a 10 ml bottle.

    this would mean that theres a total of 10cc's of hcg correct?

    so in this case, if I use 25 units on a slin pin, that would be 2,500 iu's of hcg correct.

    Well if this is the case, then this product is a fake! Because for me to be taking 2,500 I.U.'s a day for 14 days, I should have seen negative side affects. But I didnt see anything but slow gradual testosterone increase. Im thinking my test levels came up naturally by themselves.

    So now that I got the dosaging right. If I wanted to take 250 I.U's a day. I would fill the slin pin up to 2.5 units correct?
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    DLMCBBB Junior Member

    OK, 10mL of bacteriostatic water would equal 10cc (100 units) slin pins. So each 100unit slin pin is 1000IU of hCG. Fifty units would then equal 500IU, then 25 units would correspond to 250IU of hCG. You testes can only respond to so much of a given amount of hCG. More is not better in this case!

    Seems like you were taking 250IU instead of 2,500IU of hCG.

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    buck Junior Member

    Seems like you were taking 250IU instead of 2,500IU of hcg.

    That is how I have it figured.
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    lifesabitch Junior Member

    Can you load it up in a regular pin? What would the dosage be then?
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    meathead909 Junior Member

    Oh, OK, I get it now, duh.

    so if the bottle was 10ml of bacteriotistic water, then each 100 units on a slin pin equals 1000 i.u.'s of hcg.

    and if the bottle was 1ml of bacteriotistic water, then each 100 units on a slin pin equals 10,000 i.u.'s of hCG.

    So now that I understood it, I was indeed taking the correct amount of 250 i.u.'s (25 units on a slin pin) of hCG each day for 14 days.

    OK, I feel so much better knowing that I was taking the correct amount.

    Thanks for everything and all your help. Now I can let my friend know that everything should be cool with the dosage I recommended him, and next time I take it, I'll be safe also.

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    SWALE Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

    Use a larger bore (like the ones you use to do your test cyp with) needle, and transfer the bacteriostatic water to the vial with the powder in it, 3ccs at a time. Keep the powder vial upright, because you will blow hcg out of it when you pull the needle out otherwise (be sure to draw air out after you push water in to release pressure each time). Gently swirl to mix. Keep in the refrigerator. Simple as that.

    You will then have 10,000IU of HCG in 10ccs. Therefore, each 1cc contains 1,000IU of HCG. When using an insulin syringe, each unit on the scale of the insulin syringe equals 10IU of HCG. 250IU of HCG is then 25units on the side of the insulin syringe.

    My HCG protocol is to use 250IU of HCG two days before, and one day before, their testosterone cypionate IM injection. androgel users take it every three days. The HCG is injected with an insulin needle, subQ within 6 inches of the navel.
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    meathead909 Junior Member

    My hcg protocol is to use 250IU of HCG two days before, and one day before, their testosterone cypionate IM injection. androgel users take it every three days. The HCG is injected with an insulin needle, subQ within 6 inches of the navel.[/QUOTE]

    What protocol would you recommend after a 10 week cycle of TEST 500 and DECA 400. Last year I did 250 I.U.'s for 14 days. I started 2 weeks after my last shot. Does this sound like something that I could do again this year or do you recommend trying something new? I know of some guys taking 1 to 2 cc's in a single shot in one week, then the same thing next week.
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    SWALE Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

    This Forum is for healthful HRT issues, not AAS usage.

    However, i will repeat that it is bad to ever take more than 500IU's of hcg at a time.
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    gymrat1977 Junior Member

    how do you store the amps in the refridgerator after they are opened?
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    androjello Junior Member

    So I just got my first bottle of hcg today.

    My question is: how many CC's = 10ml of water?

    It came with a 30ml bottle of water, but only needs to be mixed with 10ml.
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    1cc Junior Member

    1cc=1ml, so draw out 10ml's and mix with HCG
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    DavidZ Junior Member

    What brand of HCG comes with 30 ml of water?
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    1cc Junior Member

    Novarel. I was surprised too. It didn't used to.
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    androjello Junior Member

    Yes, that is correct. I have Novarel.

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